My Thoughts On The Ravens For Next Year

November 19, 2007 | WNST Interns

Everyone’s been asking me, so I figured I’d put it in writing, so I could refer to it later.

I believe the offense needs to be completely turned over to someone else. I’ve stated that before. I don’t think you need to fire to get that done. There are other things you could do without interrupting a team that’s been a winner for a decade.

The number one thing this franchise needs is someone who is an offensive mind and innovative in his approach. I don’t think Billick is aggressive enough in his approach because his ultimate job is to win, at any cost. We need a guy who needs to make his name by creating offense, not at the cost of losing a game.

I believe, 100% that we need a young, stud pass rusher. You win with the guys up front. We have a young offensive line that is going to be good, but we do not have a young man who can get to the quarterback without help from a blitz. We desperately need that, more than a quarterback, right now. Look at what the Jaguars are winning with. Look at their two quarterbacks.

I think the Ravens need to go after their middle linebacker to replace Ray Lewis. When you lose a player like Lewis, and we will, you cannot replace him with Bernardo Harris. No disrespect to Mr. Harris. You have to go after a “celebrated” player. I believe this should be a player whom you draft.

I believe the Ravens need to get a veteran wide receiver. I know, we have Derrick Mason, but I think they need a player a little younger than Mason, but a little older than Mark Clayton. That guy may be available in the off-season. If not, see what Mason has in this tank. My fear with Mason is, players get old fast. I don’t want a Steve McNair again. I’ll take that chance with Lewis, not sure if I will with Mason.

We need to get younger and better at the cornerback position. Chris McAllister still has some time, but Samari Rolle is a big question mark, at best. Corey Ivey and Derrick Martin have the rest of the season to determine if they can be starters in this league, longterm.

Finally, I don’t like our situation with our returners. BJ Sams is injury prone, and we aren’t getting anything from Corey Ross and Yamon Figurs. We need to, again, use the rest of this season to see if we can get something from these guys, and make moves at that position if needed. I think we will need it, because I don’t think we’ll get anything from them.

There are my major impact changes for the 2008 season. There may be other changes that should take place, but these changes must occur now for us to be successful.

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