The Injury Watch

November 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

It seems that, in the NFL, players will tell you when the season’s over. They usually tell you that by no longer showing up.

When the season becomes a lost cause, the injury list for teams around the league get longer and longer. I’m wondering whether or not this will be the case for the Ravens, now that the team is 4-5, and winless in the AFC North.

Ed Reed is not one to miss players, but will he decide to pack in up, and save it until next year? Would it benefit Chris McAllister to wait until next year to come back? How bad is Steve McNair’s injured shoulder?

You’ve heard it, most fans believe the season was over after last week, and everyone believes the season is history now, but what do the players think? If they think they still have a chance, they’ll continue to play it out. However, if they believe this year is done, tust me, they’ll say goodbye to 2007.