Valentines Special – a few things I don’t LOVE about sports ….

February 14, 2011 | WNST Interns

I’m guessing the typical Valentines-themed blogs are devoted to expressing LOVE for lists of favorite people, places or things. If you have seen just one “Why I LOVE Baseball” blog, you’ve seen them all, right?

So, leave it to me with breaking traditions and venturing outside the box …..

Today, I’m going to point out a few things I don’t LOVE about sports. I suppose it’s my way of suggesting the world of sports could be more enjoyable for some, and less stressful for others. Without further delay, here ya go …..


I see that Tiger Woods is taking a beating over his “raucous behavior” during this past weekend’s tournament, in Dubai. Are you ready for the awful sin? That’s right, he SPIT while on the golf course.

And, according to published reports, he could be heard “working it up” before allowing the saliva projectile to fly.

For years, Tiger has been scrutinized for his conduct during tournament play. He supposedly uses profanity when upset with himself. Wow …. the nerve of this dude !!!!

It’s a true blessing I’m so polished at this radio gig. God knows if I had to make a living playing golf, I would lose plenty of money to paying fines for cursing, spitting and anything else regarding poor personal decorum.

I wouldn’t wear pants during most tournaments, especially if it’s hot on the course. The same can be said for the boring collared-shirt look. And, I would incite my fans to start making NOISE when my opponent is getting ready to swing.

If you think about it, Tiger Woods is still the only guy people tune in to watch …. if they watch golf. If I was in his shoes, I would just rebel against the establishment …..

I would show up for the opening round in a pair of checkered shorts, Van Halen t-shirt and floppy hat. I would chew tobacco and spit more often than John Kruk. I would have fun with fans and rag my paired partner. I would use profanity if the situation called for it.

Would such conduct lead to Tiger’s dismissal from the PGA Tour? Maybe …..

And, if so, there would be plenty of tycoons ready to fund the new “Checkered Shorts Tour …. featuring Tiger Woods.”

Golfing etiquette is antiquated. The game could be much more fun …..


There was a time when I thought getting updates on the thoughts and ideas of Chad Ocho Cinco would be an insightful event.

I was wrong.

If you’re a follower of Chad, on Twitter, you’re pretty much subjected to his bragging about the luxuries of wealth. I don’t envy him, but I also don’t care about his new sports car, vacation splurges or toys of the week.

I think he’s a hilarious and engaging character, when he speaks. I think he’s a bit of a narcissist when he tweets.

That said, I would suggest following the likes of Ray Rice (RayRice27) and Ozzie Guillen (OzzieGuillen). They’re fun loving, humble and opinionated. What more could you want?


Perhaps, this one is kinda tied to GOLFING ETIQUETTE. After all, it regards a bunch of wealthy guys overdressing for a sporting event, right?

I will never understand why the owner of a National Football League team or Major League Baseball franchise wears a jacket and tie to see his team play a game.

We are led to believe that owners who buy franchises were FANS first. We also think they have the same interest and devotions of the people filling the seats; they want the team to win.

Why wear the formal stuff? Better yet, why not wear the very articles of clothing that define the spirit of the team?

If you were the owner of a pro sports franchise, what would you wear to see your team play?

I would wear whatever I felt like wearing. But, it definitely would not be a jacket and tie. Trust me, I’m not opposed to getting dressed up. I will be wearing a suit to a funeral tomorrow.

But, a baseball or football game? Nah ……