You Are The Giants’ Owner

December 27, 2007 | WNST Interns

If you were the owner of the New York Giants, how would you enter Saturday night’s game against the Patriots? Since your obviously a very busy, very rich person, I have written two memos to Coach Tom Coughlin on your behalf. Feel free to choose one to send to your coach, or since you’re the owner, feel free to write one yourself.

Memo A:

Tom, let’s face facts. The chances of us making it to the Super Bowl this year are pretty slim. If we want to go down in history as the first, and quite possibly only team to beat the New England Patriots, that opportunity is upon us now.

Treat Saturday’s game as if it were our first playoff game. More people will be watching this game than our wildcard matchup next week. Make us proud.

Worry about Tampa Bay on Sunday. As for this week’s game, BEAT NEW ENGLAND!.

Memo B:

Tom, no matter what happens on Saturday, we have a game that really means something next week in Tampa. I want to beat New England alright, but I want that to come next month at the Super Bowl.

Treat Saturday’s game as you would the last pre-season game in August. A win on Saturday would be nice, but the most important thing is the Super Bowl. The Patriots aren’t standing in our way of a Super Bowl, Tampa Bay is.

Would you send Memo A, Memo B or would you write your own memo?