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An open letter to Adam Jones (and anyone else who doesn’t like Orioles attendance)

Posted on 31 August 2012 by Nestor Aparicio

It was only a matter of time before Adam Jones started popping off on Twitter regarding his feelings about the lack of people standing behind him in centerfield at Camden Yards. It wasn’t as juicy as last year’s advice to “knock the s**t outta the Yankees fans” but he made his feelings well known yesterday about the worst crowd of the season to see the season’s most significant game to date.

It’s very apparent that Adam Jones cares more about whether the good people of Baltimore come to Orioles games than his bosses and owner do but still not enough to vest himself in our community enough to recruit people to come and pay to see the team play.


It must be a bummer for any Orioles player to endure the emptiness of the home ballpark while finally playing meaningful games and quality baseball.

In 2012, the price to pay for 15 years of losing and the worst owner in the history of professional sports is what Adam Jones now sees with a fantastic view from centerfield every night: an empty stadium in downtown Baltimore and plenty of green seats to backdrop every fly ball.

It’s been very clear that the prescient message I sent with “Free The Birds” in 2006 – “if you’re not careful, Mr. Angelos, we might leave and never come back” – has now become a prophecy. The 2012 Baltimore Orioles are everything you’d want in a local sports team to follow – interesting, fun, lively and relevant – and a grand total of 48K came to Camden Yards over four days to watch the best baseball this city has seen in 15 years.

The empty seats are a glaring reminder of what’s gone wrong with the franchise and the city’s passion for the Baltimore Orioles since Peter Angelos bought — and then wrecked — the franchise.

Once Adam Jones stops talking out of the side of his mouth and at the end of this run of success in 2012 – and I’m not betting it won’t end in a parade just yet because I’ve seen stranger things happen — it’ll then be time to invest himself in our community the way he likes to on his Twitter account.

He got the $85.5 million deal back in May and it’ll be his turn to become a Baltimore resident or not. If he’s really interested in people coming to the ballpark then I hope he’ll spend the offseason with the fans here and be Mr. Oriole all winter.

Where will he be in November…and December…or January?

Will he be shaking hands, kissing babies and attempting to become a guy who eventually gets one of those shiny statues out on the patio that no one is visiting these days?

Will Adam Jones be in the community trying to win back the fans of Baltimore?

I’m not talking sitting at a table in a card shop or swag store charging $50 for an autograph. I’m talking about being a true ambassador for the community.

This isn’t about the marketing department. This isn’t about buying more billboards or state-run MASN ads. This isn’t about popping off on Twitter or mandating “sitdowns” with people like me who are still pissed about the entire tenor and arrogance of the Baltimore Orioles and Peter Angelos over two decades.

If the players on the field are embarrassed by an empty stadium, it’s my belief is that THEY – directly – are the only ones who can do something about it. We have to care about them and want to invest our money

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Glenn Clark’s Low Blow Commentary

Posted on 16 October 2009 by WNST Staff

Yesterday on the morning show Glenn Clark did a commentary on rooting for one college in all sports not just one particular sport. I agree with most of what he said. You shouldn’t be a Duke basketball and a USC football fan. Here is the part I have a problem with. I didn’t attend a 4 year college so I don’t have an alma mater to root for.

I have lived in Annapolis for 26 years so Navy is my team I root for in every sport. However when I was a little kid I played basketball in the neighborhood and on a couple of teams. By no means was I or am I good.

When I watched college basketball I liked to Quint Synder, Bobby Hurley, and Chris Corchiani, and Doug Wojick play among others because they were caucasian guards and that’s who I tried to model my terrible game after. As a result I became a Duke basketball fan. I have been a fan since the mid 1980’s. I have  not and will not change teams. By the way the Terps have a more recent championship than Duke does. I don’t say “we” when I refer to Duke because I didn’t go to school there. 

That doesn’t mean I can’t root for them as long as I stick with them and don’t change teams every other year.

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Are Fans “Jealous” Of The Suggs Deal ? ….

Posted on 16 July 2009 by WNST Interns

I must agree with Glenn Clark’s recent remarks regarding this “olive branch” we’ve been sharing. While we rally together for causes benefiting Baltimore’s charities, we’re both hungering for the opportunity to get back down to what we do best …..


Don’t take this the wrong way – there is no personal animosity (at least, on my part), and it’s really nothing more than a shared joy for disagreeing with each other and using this forum to throw sand in the other guy’s eyes.

I’m a devoted listener to the Comcast Morning Show. I’ve always subscribed to Drew’s “no nonsense” approach to sports talk. He really does tell it like it is …..

And, I’m always interested in hearing Glenn throw out the occasional barbs, in my direction. Indeed, it’s the devotion of my mornings. It’s not an act – we really do disagree with each other, on many occasions. It’s probably attributed to basic philosophical differences, on sports.

Thus, when he approached the mic’ this morning and labeled fans who don’t like the new Terrell Suggs contract as “jealous” of the money professional athletes earn, I really took notice. While I’ll agree many people don’t understand the asset in a star player’s potential, I don’t know if I’d agree with Glenn’s assessment.

First, Glenn and I are actually on pretty firm ground and in basic agreement with each other on the nature of the topic. In accompanying comments, he suggested this is merely the price paid for building a winning organization and competing in sports. I agree 100%.

There is a distinct reason the NFL Salary Cap is nearing $127 million and it’s tied to the mean profit of teams, with incremental increases based on adjustments negotiated through the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Translation – NFL owners are FREAKING BATHING in cash revenues, and they’re obligated to share the earning potential with the men who make it happen. It’s the NFL, if a team loses games, they make money. And, if a team wins games, they make a lot of money.

It’s the same argument for other sports, too.

Alex Rodriguez is making filthy money. So is Derek Jeter, and C.C. Sabathia. And, they’re worth it. Why? Well, the Yankees are reaping incredible profits on a daily basis and their cast of characters, listed above, are the primary ingredients in ensuring the team’s competitive presence.

The New York Yankees make A LOT of money, because of A’Rod, Jeter, Sabathia and others. Not in spite of them. People buy the replica jerseys and they’ll flock to see them at every stop, including Camden Yards, on this “Summer of 2009” tour.

Fans aren’t wearing Melky Cabrera jerseys. And, they’re not driving hundreds of miles and spending the same amount in hopes of getting a glimpse of Brett Gardner. Heck, you can’t walk through Baltimore’s inner harbor without bumping into someone sporting the name “Jeter,” if the Yankees are in town.

Players are the reason teams make money. And, if the teams are enjoying handsome profits, shouldn’t the rewards be shared with the guys who make it happen? And, the teams can afford it. If they can’t, they won’t sign the specific player.

But, in getting back to Glenn’s original comment, I don’t see fans as being “jealous.” Specifically, I see many of them as being uninformed on the intricate nature of sports and money, and their intersection in a business model.

The non-sports fans will say teachers, cops and firefighters have a greater influence on society. They’ll also say these same public servants are a more valuable asset. Fair enough. But, the sobering reality is millions and millions of people are capable of being teachers, cops and firefighters.

Conversely, far less amounts of people are capable of hitting baseballs nearly 500 feet or running a football through a wall of 350-pound behemoths. It is what it is – and this is nothing less than supply vs. demand.

Believe this, if the same cast of characters capable of being firefighters could also do Terrell Suggs’ job, he wouldn’t be getting paid $60 million …..

I think there is a probable frustration factor, when it comes to a current public venting on the respective salaries of athletes, too. Lets not forget the economic climate of this nation. Hardworking people in this city are struggling to pay mortgages and auto liens. And, we all know someone who’s unemployed.

So, while I don’t believe a spirited sense of jealousy exists, I do think society is less sympathetic of the pro athlete’s plight, especially as it relates to haggling over a few dollars, when we’re in the $60 million neighborhood.

When decent people commit to the daily grind and hope to stay afloat in this economy, while supporting a family, they’re not going to be rallying behind Terrell Suggs or anyone else who could conceivably pave Easy Street and his driveway, with hundred dollar bills.

It’s not going to happen.

And, having such a mindset and disposition to the new Suggs contract doesn’t really amount to “jealousy.” In fact, it’s just a mitigating result of life in America, in 2009.

While it’s hard for some people to stomach, making as much money, as possible, is part of the American Dream. It’s capitalism. While he’s not a pioneer or patriot of any means, Terrell Suggs is an American guy and he’s living that dream.

Good for him …..

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What Drew dreams about

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Crabcakes and Derek Lowe

Posted on 18 June 2009 by WNST Interns

Instead of writing a blog with the normal articles, today I decided to photoshop your favorite comcast morning show hosts.  It was a more eventful day than most.

What Drew dreams about

Derek Lowe and his NEW wife. She’s pretty.

Glenn Cinco

Glenn Cinco

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Marshall Law: Acquiring Brandon Marshall is the right move for the Ravens

Posted on 16 June 2009 by WNST Interns

Reports out of Denver are  saying that disgruntled Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall is following in the footsteps of former quarterback Jay Cutler and seeking a trade from the Broncos.

Mike Florio, of Profootballtalk.com reported today on the Comcast Morning Show that the Ravens are interested in acquiring the play making wide out.

The Ravens have a history of not dealing with players who have off the field problems which is precisely what Marshall is. In both 2007 and 2008 Marshall was arrested for domestic battery while in March of this season he was involved in a domestic dispute with his fiancee and was again arrested.

Despite all of his off the field issues Marshall is an absolute beast at the Wide Out position and would provide the Ravens with the big play threat their offense so desperately needs.

Last year in 15 games, Marshall recorded 104 catches for 1,265 yards and six touchdowns leading to his first Pro Bowl selection. In 2007, Marshall has two less catches and 60 more yards but most importantly led the NFL in YAC(Yards after catch/contact) with 510 yards. The YAC yards and his ability to run over potential tacklers is what makes Marshall and intriguing option for the Ravens.

Derrick Mason, who has been the Ravens best receiver since his arrival in Baltimore, is considered  to be a possession receiver who lacks the ability to stretch the field. Brandon Marshall would be a perfect complement to Mason and would give the Ravens one of the most formidable receiving combos in the NFL.

One thing prohibiting the Ravens from bringing in Marshall(similar to the Anquan Boldin situation), is the probability that the Broncos will request at least a first round draft pick in return for Marshall and then Marshall will want a new contract at season’s end. The Ravens still must negotiate with Terrell Suggs, and will have to pay Albert Haynesworth like money, in what could be an uncapped year after this  year, to keep Haloti Ngata a Raven.

Teams can maneuver around the cap in many ways, so if the Ravens really want Marshall, I think they can find a way to sign him and remain under the cap. The main issue is Ozzie Newsome’s reluctance to trade draft picks in order to acquire a player.

I think Marshall- who is four years younger then Boldin- is worth a first round draft pick and more and the Ravens should seriously consider acquiring him.

With the losses and aging on defense, the Ravens defense will be good, but not the “elite” defense of past teams, which is why they need to shift their focus to the offensive side of the ball. Upgrading the offense can compensate for whatever stuggles the defense may have. Marshall would make the Ravens a legitimate offensive power and would take a lot of pressure off the defense to hold to teams to less than 17 points to win.

Obviously there are pros and cons to bringing in a player like Marshall, but I am under the mindset that Joe Flacco needs weapons and the identity of this franchise should shift to the offensive side of the ball. The salary cap can be maneuvered around by back loading contracts or giving bigger signing bonuses so I am not overly concerned with that issue.

Marshall is a cancer off the field but I believe the Ravens organization and locker room is strong enough to keep him in check and prohibit him from being a problem.

Hopefully when the Ravens take the field at M&T Bank Stadium on September 13th to battle the Chiefs, Brandon Marshall is lined up in a Ravens uniform opposite of Derrick Mason.

That would make Ravens fans and Joe Flacco extremely happy and could end with a February trip to Miami.

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Let’s Put Some Blame On Pimlico’s Decision Makers ….

Posted on 19 May 2009 by WNST Interns

You will have to forgive me for not jumping in line to dole out congratulatory backslaps for the head-cheeses out at Pimlico. While Saturday’s infield crowd was more subdued and law abiding, it was also drastically smaller and older (on average) than past contingents.

For me, I simply don’t know who to believe …..

I’ve read numerous articles containing quotes from Maryland Jockey Club President, Tom Chuckas. I’ve also listened closely to his interview with Drew Forrester, during the Comcast Morning Show. And, I’ve concluded that he’s less than forthright in his comments and assertions.

Are you buying Mr. Chuckas’ estimate of nearly 78,000 people in attendance for the 134th running of the Preakness …..

Where were they – hiding in the stables? They weren’t in the infield, and many grandstand seats were empty, too. It’s been alleged that all sports franchises/entities fudge their gate numbers. By Saturday’s evidence, I’d say the horse racing industry is lumped in with the Orioles and others.

According to an interview in Friday’s edition of The Sun, Mr. Chuckas defended the new “NO BYO” rules, by reasoning that all sports leagues, including NASCAR, no longer allow fans to bring alcoholic beverages into the venue. He reiterated this belief during his conversation with Drew.

Strike the gong – WRONG !!!! Mr. Chuckas received some bad information or he didn’t do his research.

An overwhelming majority of NASCAR tracks allow fans to bring beer (in cans) into the venue. There are restrictions regarding cooler size. However, beer is allowed through the gates. This privilege is pretty easy to learn – by checking the websites of respective tracks. Thus, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Chuckas didn’t research how other sports handle this issue, or he just ASSUMED certain rules and protocol.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn the folks at Pimlico assumed a lot of things going to into Saturday’s Preakness. Did they assume the crowd would be much larger? Judging by the amount of porta-johns and concession stands, I think it’s reasonable to suggest they really overestimated the popularity of the new rules.

In the days leading up to the event, Preakness officials resisted disclosing their projections on crowd size. Hmmm ….. they must’ve held out hope an overwhelming amount of diehard fans would cave and attend the race, in accordance with the new policies – even if pre-sales were down.

For the most part, those who showed up had a good time. And, many fans have raved about the peaceful atmosphere. I get that – I really do. I wouldn’t wanna be squatted next to a bunch of frat boys who are bent with a purpose of becoming the biggest ASSES, possible.

During the interview with Drew, Mr. Chuckas cited the positive comments he received from people attending the infield party, on Saturday. That’s good, I suppose. But, the concern should really be on the opinions of those who chose not to attend, rather than those who did.

The Orioles are likely to have a solid 15,000 (at most) attend their next home game. While those folks will most certainly have an enjoyable experience, the O’s would be best suited to figure out why 30,000 people chose to stay home.

Just remember ONE THING ….. the Preakness and horse racing is a business. To that extent, the business of horse racing supercedes the essence of the sport. And, in the spirit of the business and sport, I’ll imply that you can bet on that.

So, if the people who count – including the Maryland Jockey Club, Magna, Pimlico’s associates and other stakeholders made a profit on Saturday, things are bound to stay the same. If they lost money, there will be more changes. It’s really that simple …..

Personally, I think they took a huge risk …..

Over the past couple years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure and invaluable experience of being around some of the most capable business minds. Entertainment is their business and they’re extremely successful. I’ve learned a lot and I’m grateful for some life-changing lessons.

One thing I’ve learned is a business needs to embrace its patrons – ALL of its patrons. If a specific group does something that hinders the overall product or experience of others, it would make sense to work with them in resolving the discord. Pissing-off customers and creating an essential divorce with a distinct group is bad for business.

I won’t dance around the subject. Everyone knows the new “NO BYO” policies were directed at the college-age crowd. Yeah, the rules effect and apply to everyone – but, the “under 30” demographic is most known for doing anything and everything attributed to drunken fun, in excess.

Mr. Chuckas and his cronies knew exactly who the new rules would impact …..

I’m not saying the young bucks known for stupidly running atop porta-johns are good for business. Nor, am I suggesting the lad who staggers around like a Mike Tyson knockout victim – only to be found curled up in the fetal position by noon, is an asset, either. And, if someone gets caught throwing ANYTHING, they should be prosecuted and incarcerated.

To that end, I’m inclined to ask if Mr. Chuckas or ANYONE ELSE has taken proactive, progressively stringent action in cleaning up the past rawdiness, or did they allow it to exist for years, and take one GIANT, extreme measure now?

In Drew’s interview, Mr. Chuckas said “behavior the last 2 years in that infield was out of line” ….. “change was because people couldn’t party appropriately.” Okay, but I’ll say this ….. it’s the burden and responsibility of the establishment to work with the affected crowd to change behavior.

Mr. Chuckas can say what he wants, but for YEARS, Pimlico has ENABLED, FOSTERED and PASSIVELY PERMITTED that conduct to exist within the infield. Everyone knew it was going on. Yet, in one broad stroke of the brush they changed things by incredible means. There had to be a “middle ground” – there is always a middle ground and Mr. Chuckas missed it.

Another twist ….. Mr. Chuckas went on to draw a comparison to Drew having a party and allowing people to throw beer across his table. Well, the first thing to consider is “does Drew routinely ALLOW people to throw beer in his house, by not taking action against them, when they’ve done it during previous parties?”

I’d be willing to bet my life savings that if someone threw a beer in Drew’s house, he would deal with them on the spot (and, maybe shove a golf club up their rear-end), rather than waiting a year and changing the rules, which also impact the innocent.

Public service announcements, with actual criminal trial footage, during the Preakness event, would probably be beneficial. Also, common sense (there really is NO substitute for it) probably would have dictated a less-stringent approach by Pimlico officials. Yeah, I’m sure there were less-severe alternatives.

I’ll agree with Ray Bachmann, if a guy needs to bring 3 cases of beer to have a good time, he’s not the kinda person who’s valued. But, what’s wrong with allowing fans to bring a small cooler, with a maximum of 6 beers, per person? The cans of beer become treasured and won’t be wasted with a throw into a sea of unsuspecting victims.

Do a lot of fans drink more than 6 beers? Sure – and after drinking a half dozen freebies, they’re likely to buy the house product. Believe me – after a few drinks, they’re much more likely to splurge. But, as I said during the SUNDAY MORNING BLITZ, it’s awfully American to question and resist rules that forbid things that are usually allowed.

Look at it this way – if the college-age crowd wasn’t important or profitable, this brainstorm barring any outside beverages probably would’ve been hatched years ago. Their money is green and it spends …..

And, to be honest this entire subject is rooted in money. If Saturday was a financial struggle, things are likely to change. Whereas, if the folks at Pimlico made a tidy profit, the same strict policies are bound to remain in effect.

One last tidbit from Drew’s interview, and this really sums it up for me …..

Near the onset of the interview, Drew mentioned an email he received from a fan. In describing the email, Drew cited the fan’s belief that the folks at Pimlico ruined the fan’s event. Drew took a contrary position, and that certain fans have ruined “Pimlico’s event.” This was an EXCELLENT POINT and it gave Mr. Chuckas an opportunity to take ownership of the Preakness.

While Mr. Chuckas didn’t immediately commit one way or another, he did seize an opportunity a little later in the interview, when he said “our identity here is it’s the people’s race and the people’s party.” I’m glad he cleared that up.

In the end, I believe this “NO BYO” policy was a near-sighted, “shoot from the hip” reaction to a problem that was getting progressively worse, with each passing year. It was short of consensus building and just another example of taking extreme measures, because those in charge did NOTHING as the problem was worsening.

But, the bottom line is money and profit. If both are scarce after Saturday, things will change, again. Don’t believe the reported numbers from Pimlico. They’ll only share numbers if it suits them – remember, they wouldn’t talk numbers when it came to projections.

I’ll say this one last time ….. if they made money, things will likely stay the same. If they didn’t make money, things will likely not stay the same. Once again, you can bet on that.

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Five Reasons To Be Optimistic About the 2008 Ravens

Posted on 16 December 2008 by WNST Staff

My blog yesterday was rather cynical and I apologize for that. Like most of you, I was dealing with one of the worst football hangovers in my life. It was almost as bad as the Colts playoff loss back in 2006. I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl that year for obvious reasons.

My dad and I have made it a habit to sit down and watch Monday Night Football every night ever since I became a true NFL fan. Even when I wasn’t in town and I was studying at Washington College, we would text each other. We would make fun of stupid decisions and give praise where praise was due.

Last night we couldn’t stomach it. It was that bad.

For a little over 24 hours, you couldn’t pay me to watch the NFL or even SportsCenter. I would have rather watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie (they aren’t a sponsor, right?).

But today, I took some football B vitamins with a side of gridiron aspirin…rehydrated with some mental Gatorade…or, as college kids across the world will swear by: I fixed the ultimate football hangover by having a proverbial cold shower and a Natty Boh.

Enough with the analogies. The point is that my head is finally back on my shoulders and I’m no longer mad or bitter about the devastating loss this past weekend.

Here are five reasons to be optimistic about the Ravens playoff chances in 2008:

5. Joe Flacco – He made the list yesterday as one of the 5 reasons why things went wrong, but the fact that this guy was back at the complex early on Monday morning to view game tape shows all of us a lot about his character and his desire to win. It makes me feel a little better about making the playoffs. Joe was on the Comcast Morning Show with Drew this morning and was also seen or heard on several other media outlets. He’ll be the first to tell you that he didn’t play well…that he missed Mason in the endzone and overthrew a few balls. He’s a stand-up guy with a hard-nosed work ethic, and that makes me feel better about the future of this team, both immediate and ongoing.

4. Ray Rice – As we all saw against Pittsburgh, without Ray Rice this offense takes a completely different shape. Although his bone bruise is bad, I expect him to play this week. I mean when was the last time you heard of someone missing two weeks because of a bruise? Not to say that it hasn’t happened, but it certainly doesn’t happen often. He brings a Maurice Jones-Drew aspect to this offense. The toughness, ball-catching ability, blocking capability, and has a nose for the first down marker. If he’s back, the Ravens will field a much more dynamic offense.

3. The Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo is battling a back injury and Marion Barber is continuing to have trouble with his toe injury. Although the Cowboys expect Romo to play, Romo has been sacked 15 times in 11 games. Against the Giants he was sacked 4 times. Against Pittsburgh, he was sacked 3 times and threw 3 picks. So for those who are counting, he has been sacked 7 times and thrown 3 interceptions in the last two games. The Steelers, Giants, and Ravens all have similar swarming defenses—except for one important difference. When the Ravens create turnovers, they’re more successful at scoring on defense. The Cowboys also have significant injuries in their secondary. Aside from Roy Williams being listed on IR, Ken Hamlin and Keith Davis are not playing at 100%, and back up safety Tra Battle strained his hamstring last week. Injuries coupled with all of the controversy in the Big D, maybe the Ravens will catch the Cowboys at the right time.

2. The Tie-Breaker Scenarios – The Ravens currently hold tie-breakers over both Miami and New England, who continue to hound Baltimore for that coveted sixth playoff spot. The only way either of these teams could surpass the Ravens is if they wind up 11-5 and the Ravens turn out to be 10-6. I hate to say it, but that scenario is becoming increasingly more viable as the weeks pass and they continue to nip at the heels at the Ravens in the AFC playoff race. The Dolphins worry me the most, who have games in Kansas City and in New York to round out their season. The Chiefs are historically tough at home in December. The Patriots, on the other hand, have to play the AFC West champion Cardinals and then have to travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills where Buffalo will looking to play the spoiler role. Without Tom Brady, I still don’t trust the Pats offense. Out of the four remaining games for these teams, three are on the road and the other is against a playoff team who is fighting for a seed, and more importantly, respect in the NFC.

1. Pride – As is usually the case, the Baltimore defense takes losses personally. Their hubris will keep them in the Dallas game on Saturday night on the NFL Network, and it may come down to a big play—a deep pass to Mason, a pick by Ed Reed, a Terrell Suggs sack, a Ray Lewis strip, or (God forbid) an 80 yard bomb from Romo to Owens. You know what I’d love to see? Mason or Clayton catches a touchdown to put the Ravens up late in the game, and the receiver who catches the ball mocks that stupid T-O celebration that Owens does with his unnaturally long arms. Just as a little pay back for when Owens mocked the Ray Lewis dance back in 2004…

Is anyone else optimistic about the Ravens playoff chances this season?

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Ravens Training Camp 7/28/08

Posted on 28 July 2008 by WNST Staff

So the morning practice went off with out any players having to be carted off the field. This morning also featured an appearance by the new Ravens live mascot. Here are some other news notes from the morning practice:
          Still no official word on Haloti Ngata. Haloti was seen walking out of the team locker room after practice, but was never on the field during the practice.
          Jared Gaither was not at practice but I saw him here at the team hotel with a walking boot on
          Kyle Boller took the first snaps under center today and his first pass was intercepted by Dawan Landry
          During a redzone drill, tackle Mike Kracalik caught a pass on a play. That was of course after he ran the wrong direction the play before.
          One of the highlight throws of the day was a Troy Smith to Ernie Wheelwright completion which appeared as if Chris McAlister was trying to jump the route
          Derrick Mason was doing a lot of trash talking to the defense today. He was yelling to the offense to attack the defense
          Ray Rice and Bart Scott had a head on collision to which neither player gave up much ground. Ray went to the ground after a second player hit him. While lying on the ground Bart Scott walked by and slapped Ray’s helmet off of him.
          Joe Flacco was very good in the team redzone drill, throwing for a touchdown and making a nice handoff to Ray Rice for a diving over the pile touchdown.
          Troy Smith had a middle of the road day. He made a couple of nice throws and a couple of bad throws. All three of the quarterbacks have been about even in the competition so far.
          John Harbaugh helped out on the special teams practice taking on Prescott Burgess and Gary Stills in a blocking drill.
          Ray Rice continues to be very impressive with his runs and explosiveness. He is not afraid of contact or taking on defenders.


Today will be a day that maybe we will get an idea of what exactly happened to Haloti Ngata and how serious the injury is. I am heading over to the field a little bit earlier this morning as I noticed a bunch of cars with Ravens theme logos on the vehicle.
As I was doing a report with Drew on the Comcast Morning Show, Jared Gaither walked by with a boot/brace on his right leg.
Updates after the morning practice and will hopefully have some news on a shirt that is being worn by players with a picture from the Ali vs Liston fight.
Quick thank you to Bobby from body fx studios for the work he did for me last week. If you are looking for a new tattoo be sure to check them out.

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From Ravens training camp: Day 1

Posted on 21 July 2008 by WNST Staff

Before Coach John Harbaugh can even pull into the parking lot here at the Best Western to begin training camp, he is greeted by a welcome sign outside of the team hotel.
All is quiet around here at 7:53, there are only two of us from the media here and none of the players have reported as of yet. Ravens linebacker’s coach Greg Mattison is sitting here in the lobby enjoying the continental breakfast while he reads the sports.

This will be a running blog as the day goes on, so keep checking back for updates.


So for those with any concerns about Joe Flacco and his contract situation, worry no more. Joe will report to camp later this afternoon and will sign his contract and then along with Ozzie Newsome meet with the media at 2 p.m. Coach John Harbaugh will talk at 2:30.

Haruki Nakamura wins the award for being the first to report when he walked through the doors at 8:45. Haruki said he has a deal with the Ravens and woke up so excited this morning that he went over to the facility and jumped in the hot and cold tub. Haruki said that he got goose bumps driving over here just thinking about what this is going to be like and he is so excited to get going. He was wondering around the lobby of the hotel and said he is like a kid at school on the first day.

Players are expected to start to come in later this afternoon, as they will begin physicals around 3 p.m. So far, Haruki Nakamura is the only guy here when he reported around 8:45 a.m. and checked into the team hotel. Haruki said he was going to his room to read and study his playbook. Haruki was kind enough to join Drew on the Comcast Morning Show for a few minutes this morning.
Congratulations to Marisol Renner of the Ravens public relations department, as her and her husband welcomed their second son to their family this past weekend.


The new sheriff in town has arrived. Coach John Harbaugh walked through the front door at the Best Western to begin his first camp as a NFL head coach. Speaking of Coach Harbaugh, I hope the people here at the Best Western did not put a lot of time into putting Coach Harbaugh’s name on the sign outside, because I have a feeling it will be coming down soon. Coach Harbaugh is so much about the team, that he is not a big fan of his name out on the Best Western sign. On one side it says Welcome Coach John Harbaugh, on the other side it reads Welcome Ravens, W.I.N. The W.I.N. is the acronym for something Coach Harbaugh stands for What’s Important Now.
The injured vets are scheduled to come in today also. These are the guys that finished the season on injured reserve. Here are the players that finished the year on injured reserve: Prescott Burgess, Dan Cody, P.J. Daniels, Todd Heap, Chris McAlister, Trevor Pryce, and Samari Rolle.
Patrick Carter a wide receiver from Louisville just checked into the team hotel.


So guys are starting to report to camp now as Joe Flacco, David Hale, and other members of this rookie class have started to check into the team hotel. It is funny watching these guys walking in to the hotel with no idea of where to go or what to do when the walk in.

Here in the lobby of the team hotel, they are starting to set up for the press conference later this afternoon with Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome. There has been no word on Ray Rice or Tom Zbikowski signing with the team.


Sorry for the long delay, but between lunch and waiting for the Joe Flacco press conference and then to listen to Coach Harbaugh equaled the delay. More on that later, but Ozzie Newsome announced all the draft picks have agreed to deals and will be in on time.
PJ Daniels and Prescot Burgess have both arrived here at camp.

Listen for P.J. and Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh’s presser on the Rob Long Show.

Trevor Pryce has arrived here at Ravens camp. Trevor was one of the injured players who were asked to come into camp, although it was voluntary. That is a good sign of his commitment to the team for him to show up that early.
Dan Cody and Dan Wilcox have also been seen here at the hotel. Demetrius Williams came into the team hotel with a walking boot on his lower left leg. I am guessing he will not be ready to go as they start camp. Dan Wilcox will probably also be a guy who will not be ready to start when they practice and be on the physically unable to perform list.

Here is what Joe Flacco had to say today when he was asked about being the starting quarterback by the end of camp “I’m going to go out there and act like I am, just like everybody else should do. I want to go there and play the way I’ve always played football, and expect myself to play. I want to go out there and prove to everybody, prove to the coaches, most importantly, and myself and my teammates that I can play, and obviously at the end of training camp we’re going to find out.”

The other two quarterbacks on the team have arrived here at the Best Western as Kyle Boller and Troy Smith have both arrived here at the facility within the last 10 minutes.
Had a minute to catch up with Dan Cody who said he is healthy and ready to go. Dan was unaware that one of his friends Jeremy Shockey had been traded to the New Orleans Saints. Jeremy and Dan both share the same agent in Drew Rosenhaus.
Here is a n interesting quote from John Harbaugh about starting a rookie quarterback, “I think that’s factored into the equation, the fact that he’s a rookie and he hasn’t played an NFL game before and his long-term development. We have to factor that into the equation. That probably weighs against him. But if, all of those things are being considered, if he’s the best guy and gives us the best chance to win, he’ll be the guy.”

Trevor Pryce just returned from his yearly training camp shopping trip to Target. Trevor usually goes to target to buy pillows and other supplies for his room here at camp.

So as the first day of camp is coming to an end, the Ravens have all of their draft picks signed and ready to go tomorrow when they hit the field at 8:45 a.m. tomorrow for the first practice and then an afternoon practice at 3:30 p.m. Just as a reminder, the practices will roughly run between two and two and half hours. Keep in mind that tomorrow it will just be the rookies and quarterbacks here as the whole team will practice for the first time Friday.
Here is schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the week:
Tuesday: 8:45 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 8:45 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • veterans report on this day, but will not practice
Thursday: closed to fans and media
Friday:  8:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.


So as I am preparing to leave for the afternoon in walks a 6’9 Jared Gaither which was a total surprise. Jared appears to have dropped some weight and looks to be in good shape. It is a tremendous sign for a young guy who has had a shaky off-season to be in on camp early and show a commitment to being the starting tackle for this team.

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