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Murray drubs Federer for UK gold at Olympics

Posted on 05 August 2012 by WNST Staff

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Rice, Suggs Make Bloomberg List of Most Powerful Athletes

Posted on 25 January 2012 by WNST Staff

New York, NY, January 25, 2012– The New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees (No. 1), Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers (No. 2) and New England Patriots’ Tom Brady (No. 3) top the Bloomberg Businessweek/Horrow Sports Ventures 2012 Power 100 ranking of the most powerful professional athletes in the U.S. To determine who the 100 most powerful athletes are on- and off-the-field going into 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek teamed up with Rick Horrow, host of Bloomberg TV “Sportfolio,” and CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures; CSE, a leading integrated marketing agency that created the Power 100 list for the third consecutive year using proprietary methodology; and the Nielsen/E-Poll N-Score.

As the business of sports continues to grow, endorsement contracts increasingly impact players, teams, and the industry. These contracts take into consideration many of the same factors as the Power 100 ranking – performance, name awareness, appeal, influence, trustworthiness and overall popularity, among other things. Social media, for example, played a role in boosting the rankings of such athletes as LeBron James (No. 4) and Shaquille O’Neal (No.7).  The Power 100 rankings are based 50 percent on these on “off-field” measurements, and 50 percent on “on-field” performance using a variety of industry statistics.

The most notable drops this year include injury-plagued Peyton Manning dropping from No. 1 to No. 51 and golfer Phil Mickelson dropping from No. 4 to No. 18. Due to the individual dominance of its top athletes, tennis commands ten percent of the spots on this year’s list, with the top female athlete on the list being American tennis stalwart Serena Williams (No. 25).

In addition, this year’s Power 100 rankings also emphasize the importance of team sports, with the NFL dominating the list with 26 players ranked in the top 100. The National Basketball Association came in second with the most athletes on the Power 100, with 20, followed by MLB baseball (16), tennis (10), golf (8), NASCAR (6), Olympics (4), soccer (4), hockey (3), boxing/MMA (2), and action sports (1).

“This is the third year of the Power 100, and it continues to be a cutting-edge tool to measure the power and value of athletes,” says Horrow, who will devote an entire “Sportfolio” episode to the special report on January 25.  “CSE’s consistent methodology provides the industry’s only analytics to provide integrated on field and off field attributes.”

Top 20:

1-Drew Brees-Football

2-Aaron Rodgers-Football

3-Tom Brady-Football

4-LeBron James-Basketball

5-Rafael Nadal- Tennis

6-Roger Federer-Tennis

7-Shaquille O’Neal-Basketball

8-Shaun White-Action Sports

9-Novak Djokovic-Tennis

10-Calvin Johnson-Football

11-Luke Donald-Golf

12-Tiger Woods-Golf

13-Kobe Bryant-Basketball

14-Dwight Howard-Basketball

15-Eli Manning-Football

16-Dwyane Wade-Basketball

17-Kevin Durant-Basketball

18-Phil Mickelson-Golf

19-Lee Westwood-Golf

20-Troy Polamalu-Football

All NFL players on list:


Athlete Sport

Pro Team / Hometown


Brees, Drew Football

New Orleans Saints


Rodgers, Aaron Football

Green Bay Packers


Brady, Tom Football

New England Patriots


Johnson, Calvin Football

Detroit Lions


Manning, Eli Football

New York Giants


Polamalu, Troy Football

Pittsburgh Steelers


Foster, Arian Football

Houston Texans


Peterson, Adrian Football

Minnesota Vikings


Turner, Michael Football

Atlanta Falcons


Jones-Drew, Maurice Football

Jacksonville Jaguars


Fitzgerald, Larry Football

Arizona Cardinals


Stafford, Matthew Football

Detroit Lions


Rice, Ray Football

Baltimore Ravens


Woodson, Charles Football

Green Bay Packers


Ryan, Matt Football

Atlanta Falcons


Manning, Peyton Football

Indianapolis Colts


Willis, Patrick Football

San Francisco 49ers


McCoy, LeSean Football

Philadelphia Eagles


Allen, Jared Football

Minnesota Vikings


Rivers, Philip Football

San Diego Chargers


Matthews, Clay Football

Green Bay Packers


Gronkowski, Rob Football

New England Patriots


Suggs, Terrell Football

Baltimore Ravens


Welker, Wes Football

New England Patriots


Anderson, James Football

Carolina Panthers


Wallace, Mike Football

Pittsburgh Steelers


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No Child Left Behind

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Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 08 June 2009 by WNST Interns

Alright guys, this is intern “Steven” Patrick “Morrissey taking over for Chris Bonetti on the sports blog segment “Crab cakes and Light Beer”.

My first order of business, not wanting to cramp Chris’ style, is picking a new name for the blog.  Please submit your suggestions for a title, section titles, or things you want daily updates on as comments on this post.  I reserve the right to respectfully ignore your suggestions.  But, if no one comments, I’ll know no one actually took the time to read this and you can imagine I’d be heart broken and have to wake up at 4:45 every Monday Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the summer to pour myself a sad sad bowl of cereal, drive a half awake half hour to Towson, and try to be funny for you guys.  So please, it’s for the kids.

No Child Left Behind

Now that we’ve cleared that up. Be glad that Sports Illustrated’s The Bottom 10. is based on player attitudes rather than player ability. Otherwise I don’t know how the Orioles could have possibly eluded the post.

On the other hand, Peter Schmuck at the Baltimore Sun has been doing some research, and has been kind enough to update us with the O’s performance over the past few weeks.

I don’t watch NASCAR, or particularly know anything about NASCAR.  But I found this entertaning

Speaking of performances, check out this jokester running up to Federer with a Barcelona flag at a French Open match.


The guy calls himself Jimmy Jump and apparently instigates all sorts of ruckus at a variety of matches.  You’ve got to hand it to him he’s pretty quick, but the most athletic ability displayed is in the security guard’s tackle.


Moving on.  Today while browsing the interwebs at the station I chanced upon this gallery of Baseball Uniforms that made me chuckle.  Oh Pete Rose.

I also found this little game you guys may enjoy.  I got all of about none right, so good luck, and God’s speed.

That’s all for me today.  I look forward to seeing at least one comment…. I’m setting my standards low so that I’ll hopefully succeed.

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