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Chapter 20: Sup-Harb Bowl – A Crescent City Crowning for Ravens

Posted on 31 January 2018 by Nestor Aparicio




“We want to win Super Bowls. We want to make history. We want to do things that have never been done in the NFL before. Don’t we all want that in life? Don’t we all have dreams?”

John Harbaugh on WNST.net (March 2008)






THE NFL ALLOWS THE TWO TEAMS that win their conference championship game an extra week to prepare for the Super Bowl. For the Baltimore Ravens, it was just what the commissioner ordered – a few days to rest and enjoy their monumental accomplishment. Despite the need to prepare to beat the San Francisco 49ers, the Ravens were in dire need of a little time to breathe after what had been a physical and emotional roller coaster over the previous 21 days.

The Ray Lewis Last Ride. Beating the Colts. A new offensive coordinator. New personnel on both sides of the ball over three games. The brutal cold in Denver. The drama in Denver. The miracle in Denver. The emotions of Denver. And then the exorcising of some old demons in Foxborough, beating Tom Brady and overcoming the role of being a huge, road underdog two weeks in a row in the biggest games of their lives. It was indeed time to rest.

Sure, the Ravens were lucky to win in Denver. But statistically, and if not for shoddy coverage on the two Trindon Holliday returns for touchdowns, the Ravens played extremely well on offense and defense at Mile High. But it was in New England, where they fell behind early and took no mercy after halftime, that they showed true championship mettle. The Ravens beat the snot out of the Patriots in the second half on both sides of the ball. Flacco ran the offense up and down the field, and the Ravens defense held Brady scoreless in the second half. “When is the last time that happened at Foxboro?” said center Matt Birk. “Like, never? It’s unbelievable!”

But it was Flacco and the offense that put the pedal down and attacked the banged-up and depleted Patriots defense. “We realized that we just needed to put some pressure on them in that way,” Flacco said after the game in the Gillette Stadium locker room. “In the first half we were probably a little bit run-heavy, and they did a good job of stopping it, and we came out in the second half and decided to go with what we went with. We didn’t come all the way here to play it safe and hope to win. We came here to win the AFC Championship Game, and you have to play to win and you have to do some of those things, and our guys made plays – Anquan [Boldin] came up huge – all of our receivers [and] all of our tight ends, our linemen, everyone came up big when they needed to. We’ve definitely overcome a lot, but I think that – if you look at the Super Bowl winners over the past few years – I’d probably say that we’d have a lot in common with that. It’s about who can get ready and who can become their best at the right time and hit the ground running and that’s what we’re doing.”

The Ravens wouldn’t need to run to New Orleans. Like Fats Domino sang, they could’ve walked or floated with the emotional high they were on after New England.

The Big Easy would be waiting in seven days, and even though the strategy on the field would take a backseat to the Super Bowl media madness and storylines, the Ravens knew they had their hands full with upstart quarterback sensation Colin Kaepernick and his hard-to-mark “Pistol” offense. San Francisco also prided itself on a stingy defense led by a head coach that Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh knew all too well.

And as much as John Harbaugh begged the media to not delve to deeply into this unique story of brother vs. brother, he knew there was no stopping that train.

Let’s just cut that right out,” Harbaugh joked with the media from the podium immediately following the win in Foxborough. “Can we all agree? Just forget about that stuff. We did that last year, OK? It was fine. It got old last year. Did it not? My dad is definitely on board with that. [My parents] don’t take any interviews anyway. He’s in the basement down in Mequon [Wisconsin], and I hope he’s on his fourth or fifth beer

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Twelve Ravens thoughts following 23-16 win over Indianapolis

Posted on 26 December 2017 by Luke Jones

With the Ravens clinching their first winning season since 2014 after a 23-16 victory over Indianapolis, I’ve offered a dozen thoughts, each in 50 words or less:

1. Critics say this defense hasn’t been very good when it hasn’t forced turnovers, but isn’t that true of many units? Sure, there’s been some variance in the overall performance, but give me the group more dynamic taking the ball away over a more “consistent” unit that’s ordinary in that department.

2. The offense continues to play at a higher level in December, but the Ravens have scored just three touchdowns in seven trips inside the red zone the last two weeks since going 4-for-4 against Pittsburgh. Justin Tucker field goals in that area aren’t going to cut it in January.

3. Both Alex Collins and Michael Campanaro put the ball on the ground against the Colts, but the Ravens have committed only two turnovers in the last six games since the bye. That’s strong evidence supporting the notion that this offense was way too conservative through the first three months.

4. Maurice Canady saved the day with his fourth-down pass breakup to preserve a one-score lead, and his emergence sure gives the Ravens some good cornerback depth moving forward. Jimmy Smith, Brandon Carr, Marlon Humphrey, Tavon Young, and Canady are all under contract for 2018.

5. Jack Doyle didn’t put up monster numbers, but he was the latest tight end to give the Ravens issues in coverage. It’s tough not to be nervous about that deficiency with a potential matchup with Kansas City’s three-time Pro Bowl selection Travis Kelce looming in the wild-card round.

6. I understand frustration and even boos when a player isn’t performing, but the Bronx cheers for Breshad Perriman’s 8-yard reception in the third quarter felt a little too mean-spirited for my taste, especially since the guy has barely played since the bye anyway.

7. Speaking of disappointing early picks, Maxx Williams caught his first touchdown in over two years. He’s done a solid job as a blocker this year, but that’s not exactly what Ozzie Newsome had in mind when he traded up in the second round of the 2015 draft to take him.

8. Buck Allen has averaged an ordinary 3.7 yards per carry overall, but he’s done a solid job in short-yardage situations despite not being a bruising back. He was initially stuffed on fourth-and-1 on the opening drive and reached for the first down with second effort.

9. Remember when some wondered if Kamar Aiken might eventually develop into a poor man’s version of Anquan Boldin after leading the Ravens with 75 receptions in 2015? He has 14 catches on 42 targets with Indianapolis this season and a combined 43 catches in 30 games since that campaign.

10. Frank Gore was never viewed as the best running back in the NFL at any point, but the 34-year-old is closing in on 14,000 career rushing yards in an era when backs increasingly have a shorter shelf life. Longevity is an underrated quality, especially in this sport.

11. The Ravens could end up making a January run, but their strength of victory ranks 13th of 16 AFC teams and would still be 10th if you remove the two wins over 0-15 Cleveland. Even after their early injuries, not making the playoffs with this schedule would be extremely disappointing.

12. Baltimore surprisingly broke out its black jerseys despite having already worn the alternate tops two other times this year. The black-on-white look — the Ravens’ seventh different uniform combination of the season — is an underrated one.

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Gore brings “old school” running style to Super Bowl

Posted on 31 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on the emergence of Colin Kaepernick) “He is very special. (Colin) Kaepernick can run the ball, throw the ball. And what I like about him most is that under pressure, he stays calm. That’s why he is so special.”


(on how tough the transition was to the read option offense) “It was something different. I have been in a pro style (offense) my whole career, even in college. I am dealing with it and I am having some success. And I like it.”


(on if he fully understands the read option) “I am good with it. I just have to learn to be patient and know when I am getting the ball or not.”


(on what getting to the Super Bowl means to him) “It’s big. It’s big, especially going through so much with this organization. I was drafted in’05 and I had a lot of struggles. We had some players in the locker room, but now we have a chance to play in the big game, so it’s big.”


(on what impresses him about the Ravens defense) “They play well together. The D-line is very big, fast and strong. Their linebacker, (Ray Lewis) they have one of the best linebackers to ever play the game.”


(on playing against Ray Lewis) “It’s big, especially coming from the same school. Coming from Miami, we are a big family there. To play in the Super Bowl against a guy who is the best at his position and has played 17 years and played at a high level is big.”


(on Jim Harbaugh complementing his game) “I’m happy that he has a lot of respect for me. He knows that I love the game of football. I’m not one of the high-maintenance guys. I come in and do the work and do extra work and do whatever it takes to try to be the best on the field.”


(on if his success is to do natural ability or skills he learned) “It’s hard work to just continue to work hard in the offseason and continue to compete against the young guys that they bring in like LaMichael (James), they keep me going.”


(on how he would define his running style) “Old school.”


(on LaDainian Tomlinson saying that ‘Frank Gore runs the way I used to run the football’) When L.T. was at San Diego and I had Norv Turner, I had my best rushing year. I had 1,600 yards, we had a similar offense. When I watched him I learned so much. I used to love when he would play a team and I would come back behind him and play the same team because it’s the same blocking schemes and we are similar runners and running style. We are good between the tackles and cutting and going, and we also run very low to the ground. When I would watch the League, I would watch him No. 1 because I felt like he was the best at that time. I also loved watching Edgerrin James. That’s probably about it.”


(on if he stays in touch with Edgerrin James) “Yeah, I talked to EJ (Edgerrin James) after that Atlanta game. He is happy for me and he wants me to go do it.”


(on his offensive line) “They are the best. Without them I wouldn’t be up here right now. They work very hard during the week and they love what they do. I’m happy they are on my team and I love how they work.”


(on how his week is going) “It’s great. It’s the last game and we are playing for what everybody wants to play for, and that’s the trophy. I am happy.”


(on if there are any weaknesses in the Ravens defense) “We are just going to have to keep chipping away and keep getting the ball to the offense. And whenever we get an opportunity to make a big play we need to capitalize and get it.”




Super Bowl XLVII – Thursday, January 31, 2013






(on if the Ravens defense is the best they have faced this season) “Well I go up against my own defense in training camp, so this is probably the second (best).”


(on his running backs coach Tom Rathman) “That’s why we love each other. Coach Rathman is like a dad to me. I am happy he came into my life and my career. By the time he came into my career it was a blessing that he came in there. When he first came in, he sat me down and told me that he doesn’t care what I have done in the past. He told me that I had to get tougher, that I had to block better. I love challenges and he just got me to keep going.”


(on the having coaches that are encouraging and make you work) “Yeah, especially a guy who was a great player and played the game tough and great coach and I just wanted to prove that I can do it.”


(on what has surprised him about being here) “That there is so much media. It’s good. Before we got here I used to always look at it on TV and always wanted this moment. I am enjoying it and I am happy to be here.”


(on Ray Rice) “He is a complete back. He plays the game right and very tough. He can run the ball, catch the ball, and he blocks. He can do it all.”


(on if he is concerned about his long-term health) “Not at all because I really don’t get hit like that like people think. I am very low to the ground and a defense can’t really get hits on me.”


(on if there are any more ways that the players can be protected from injury and long-term damage) “No they can’t. It’s football and football is a physical sport. I think they are doing the best that they can.”


(on Colin Kaepernick saying that Frank Gore can fit into any offense and has evolved into the pistol offense) “With the pistol, it’s really having be patient because you don’t know if you are going to get the ball or not. That’s the only concern about the pistol. I have always been a patient back. If you watch me run the ball before this, the pistol, it’s just knowing you are going to get the ball, that’s it.”


(on big holes to run through) “It’s big, especially having a quarterback like Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) who can take it for 60 or 70 yards where everybody has to watch out for. I love it.”


(on if he is surprised that a running back has not been a Super Bowl MVP since 1997 and if a running back could win it this year) “No, because the league has changed and a lot of guys love throwing the ball. Everyone wants the quarterback to be the MVP. There is a chance for me because they have to respect (Colin) Kaepernick. For Ray Rice, he can do everything in their offense. He can catch and run so he has a chance too.”


(on if there is pressure on him to have a big game) “I’m just going to out there and be me. I have done a great job for eight years now and if I just go out there and be Frank Gore, I can have a successful day.”


(on why they had a great practice yesterday) “We are just happy to get back to football. We know what we came down here to do and what we came down here for, and that’s to win a football game. We feel that if you have great practices you have a great chance to win on Sunday.”


(on talking to the media everyday) “It’s different, but I am enjoying it. I used to always look at it on TV and wonder how it was, and now I am enjoying it.”






Super Bowl XLVII – Thursday, January 31, 2013






(on how physical practice was yesterday) “You just have to be smart. I look at it like, at this point in the NFL, if you don’t know how to hit or block you shouldn’t be here. You have to keep your players fresh and our coaches do a great job with that. We had a great practice yesterday.”


(on switching to the pistol offense) “I didn’t like the pistol at first, but I am a team guy and it helped us get here. We are doing great things with it so I am with it now.”


(on if the pistol offense can work long-term) “It depends what type of quarterback you have. I think Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) fits the pistol offense well. I’m not saying that he can only run the ball, he can also throw the ball. He fit’s it well.


(on if it’s hard to share rushing wards with a quarterback) “As long as we win. Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) outrushed me a couple of games this year and we got the win. We are at the Super Bowl, so I am happy. Whatever it takes to win the Super Bowl, I’m with it.”

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Gore says Niners also in New Orleans for “business trip”

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff




(on getting back on the field) “I’m ready to get back to practice and get ready for Sunday.”


(on getting being in New Orleans for the week) “You’ve got to know what you are down here for. It’s a business trip and you know what the most important thing is, and that is winning the football game.”


(on his first play with the ball) “I hope I can break it, that would be good, but everybody likes to get hit to get the butterflies out and to get going.”


(on if an NFL locker room would be tolerant of a teammate being openly gay) “I don’t know. It would be tough. If you are gay, you are gay, I don’t have a problem with it. If that’s what (you) want to do, I’m fine with it. That’s their business and you shouldn’t be in another man’s business.”


(on dealing with the media and how distracting it is) “There’s a time for everything. There’s media time, but you always think about the game no matter what so I’m fine with it and enjoying it. You know what you are here for, to win a football game. You have to have focus if you want to win.”


(on the secret to playing well in big games) “Just be yourself, whatever got you there, do the same. Do whatever it takes to win, blocking, running, catching.”


(on being a quiet guy). “I’ve always been quiet. I like to just chill and watch and let everybody else do the talking and not waste time.”


(on the watches he got for the offensive linemen) “(They were) about $4,000 apiece. I got them for the five linemen, I got one for Delanie (Walker) and Bruce (Miller).”


(on his anticipation for Sunday) “It’s a big game. I’ve dreamed about playing in this game a long time, I’m excited and ready.”


(on this team’s locker room personality) “They are one of the best. We have great guys in the locker room we all respect each other and no one looks at each other any differently. That’s one of the reasons why we are here today, we have no one selfish. Whoever’s week it is, we let them have that week and do whatever it takes to get the win.”


(on the young players on the team) “It’s great, seeing (running back) LaMichael (James) come in and seeing him change. When he first got in he was not playing that much and now he is helping us get wins. It feels good to see those guys out there making plays.”


(on getting kids active and healthy) “What I want to tell all of the kids is that when I was young I used to go outside, run around and play basketball, play football and it helped me a lot with my skills and getting to the level I’m at now. I want to tell the youngsters out there, you can do the same.”

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Gore admires toughness of fellow SB back Rice

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on the year he was at the NFL combine, his thoughts on not receiving as much attention as other running backs) “I didn’t care about that. I was just worrying about whoever asked questions, to say the right things and impress the teams who were in there.”


(on what he remembers about the game against Ohio State when he was hurt) “That year, when I got hurt, I was on the scout team because I was just coming back from my injury, so I was cleared to practice. I just was working. Me and [Ohio State running back Maurice] Clarett, the year we played Ohio State, I felt I was probably better [than] Clarett.”


(on how many surgeries he has had) “Four. Two knees and two shoulder surgeries.”


(on what makes him fight through injuries) “I love what I do. I feel that God blessed me with talent in football, and I love doing it.”


(on the faith, character, and leadership of the team this season) “Just being a leader – you have me, Pat [Willis], Vernon [Davis], Justin [Smith], Alex [Smith], Dashon [Goldson] – we just fight for each other. On this team, nobody [is] selfish. We got so many weapons that it could be anybody’s week. Whoever’s week it is, we just get behind him and just fight for each other.”


(on how being one step away last year helped the team win the NFC Championship this year) “It helped a lot. Knowing last year, it hurt. We didn’t get where we wanted to go, but when we got the opportunity to get back in the tournament, we looked at each other and told each other that we [have] got to walk in the door this year. And we did.”


(on what word best describes what this team is accomplishing) “Finish. We finish, and last year we didn’t finish. So we say we have to finish this year.”


(on how they are going to attack the Ravens’ defense) “They have a physical defense, but we also have a physical offense. We’re just going to keep chipping away, do whatever it takes, like we did all year to get where we’re at. [We have to] take those three to four to five [opportunities] – when we get opportunities to make big plays, we’re going to make them.”


(on if there’s anything they’re going to change between today and the Super Bowl)  “It’s going to be us. We got us in, it’s going to be us.”


(on how there doesn’t seem to be one player on the team that is concerned about being “the man”) “Coaches telling us if we want to go where we want to go, [we have] just got to be one. That’s what got us here at this point. Nobody [is] selfish. Whoever’s week it is, we’re going to fight for that guy. It could be Crab’s [Michael Crabtree’s] week, it could be my week, Vernon [Davis] – we’re all before each other. We all about winning, and I feel that if you want to get to a Super Bowl, that’s what you’ve got to do.”


(on what makes them different from other teams) “We went through so much, we went through so much. We got a lot of guys on this team [who] made the Pro Bowl, made All Pro, and we feel that it was everybody working together as one, and that will come, and we’ll get to the level where we’re at.”


(on what he thinks when he looks at the endzone from where he’s sitting) “I love it, I love it. Our logo, and in the last game of the season, the Super Bowl, I love it.”


(on what it was like to play with so many talented running backs at the University of Miami) “It was fun, competitive, but you had to be ready. Just pushing each other every day, helping each other. And our coach was one of the best for everyone one of us as we got a start. We got it done to make sure we got to the level we were at.”


(on why he decided on the University of Miami considering the running backs already there) “I just love competition. Coach CJ [Curtis Johnson], the receivers coach for the Saints, he told me if I wanted to be the best, why not play with the best?”


(on his late mother) “I love her. She was a hard worker, and she did everything to make sure her kids [were] satisfied, and she was a smart woman.”


(on how often he thinks about her) “Every day. Every day.”


(on what it was like when he found out that she had passed) “I couldn’t believe it. It was a like a dream, like a bad dream. It was a tough, man.”


(on when he scores a touchdown and points to the sky) “I point at her – that’s for her.”


(on what he is looking forward to the most from this week, besides the game) “Just coming out, getting New Orleans’ great food, and just relaxing.”


(on what it is about the team that has changed from the past six years to the last two)  “We’re one. We all for each other, we do whatever it takes to get a win, whether it’s throwing the ball, running the ball, kicking field goals, it don’t matter. We just want to win.”


(on Ray Rice) “I love Ray Rice, I love his game. He’s very tough, he can do anything. He can catch, run, block. I like that he’s a small guy. He’s tough.”


(on if he takes a lot of pride in his blocking) “I do. Just comes up from my high school coach. I had to block then, in high school, and then going to the University of Miami, my coach told me if I couldn’t block, I couldn’t play. Coming here, Coach Rathman, that’s all he thinks about is blocking. He told me, ‘If you can block, you can play in this league a long time.’ When you look around, a lot of guys can’t do it at the position.”


(on when the last time was that he went back home) “I go home every offseason. After we have our parade, I’ll go back.”


(on how close the Madden Super Bowl simulation, which has him running for 101 yards and two touchdowns, will be to his actual performance) “I’m going to try. I hope. That’d be a good day for me. And a win – that’d be an excellent day.”


(on what the neighborhood was like where he grew up) “It was tough. Small neighborhood, rough neighborhood. A lot of good people, a lot of guys who I feel like could have been in the NFL but went down the wrong path. I love my neighborhood.”


(on why he didn’t go down the wrong path) “Just looking at the guys who confronted me, they felt like probably they [were] better than me. I just said if I want to get to this level, I have to do the opposite of what they did.”


(on how his mother came to raising a lot of different kids in one house) “My mom had to take care of her sister’s kids, my brother, and that’s how it happened. It was tough, it was tough. Sometimes you don’t know if you don’t get the bed, [if] you have to go on the floor or the mat. It was tough, but my mom, we got through it, and it helped me make the person [I am] today.”

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Frank Gore says Ray Lewis “like a brother”

Posted on 28 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on what he thinks about Ray Lewis) “Ray is a great player. He’s been doing it for a long time. He’s the best at the business. I love him. He’s like a brother (to me). We come from the same school.”

(on whether he knew Ray Lewis got his first NFL sack against Jim Harbaugh) “I saw it on ESPN. I didn’t know it, but I saw it.”

(on what he remembers about last year’s NFC Championship Game) “We didn’t finish. The Giants won the game. It was tough. It was real tough. I had a chance to go to the Pro Bowl and I couldn’t even go because I was so hurt. Knowing that we were the better team, but we didn’t finish. They won and they moved on.”

(on how the 49ers carried last year’s NFC Championship loss into this season) “We set our goals. Our main goal was to get the NFC West, then get the NFC and then the Super Bowl. Once we got in the Super Bowl it was different, real different. Last year we were kind of happy about beating New Orleans. This year, we beat Green Bay, but we were like, ‘Cool, let’s go get the next one.’ It’s just different. Our mindset was totally different this year than last year.”

(on what impresses him about Colin Kaepernick) “What impresses me is that he is a young guy, who started half of the season. When things go wrong he stays calm. Defenses just don’t know what they’re going to get from him. He can run, throw, block. He can do whatever.”

(on whether they are comfortable because they played in the Superdome this season) “It doesn’t matter. It could’ve been anywhere. We still have to play.”

(on the biggest difference with the team this year compared to a year ago) “This year everyone knew that we had a good team. So we knew it was going to be tough and it was tough. We knew, in the locker room, that we have to be ready every week.”

(on how muscle activation therapy has helped him) “It has helped me a lot. Sometimes, after games, it usually takes me two-to-three days to get the soreness out. I go to (a specialist). I see him that Monday and he gets my muscles reenergized. I could be feeling real good that Wednesday and ready to go by Friday. I could play the game that Friday. He’s been doing a great job with me. I’m happy that he came in my life at this stage in my career. He helped me a lot.”

(on the identity of the 49ers) “(We are) physical and tough. It’s hard to break us. We’re going to fight to the end. We have a great team.”

(on the importance of Vernon Davis) “Just being on the field, Vernon is a threat. The guy’s so fast and strong. A lot of defenses can’t do their regular stuff because they have to key in on Vernon. Just him being on the field helps us out a whole lot.”

(on how important the tight end position has become) “It’s real big. A tight end who can catch and also have speed – you can’t put a linebacker on him. You’ll have to bring a safety in or a cornerback to cover him and we can run the ball.”

(on the impact of Randy Moss) “Just being there for the younger guys and helping (Michael) Crabtree and A.J. (Jenkins) and helping Ted (Ginn, Jr.) again, just being a pro. He made big plays this year. When his number is called, he shows up. That’s all we need from him.”

(on his mother) “My mother means everything to me. She was a tough woman. She raised me and my brother and my sister. That was a lot of weight. I love her. She means everything. (This game is) for her.”

(on the difference between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick) “Kap (Kaepernick) is probably a little bit more athletic and can run more than Alex. They both are good quarterbacks. We won with Alex. We’re winning with Kaepernick. Coach (Harbaugh) made the decision to go with Kap, that’s who we’re rolling with.”

(on whether Aldon Smith is starting to wear down from being an every down player) “No. When you watch film you see guys coming out to chip him. It’s not affecting him at all.”

(on whether it was difficult losing a lot of games at the beginning of his career) “It was real tough. It was tough coming to work. Especially for me, coming from a winning program in college. I wasn’t ever used to losing. I used to take it hard. I’m glad that Coach Harbaugh and his coaching staff came at the right time and we’ve done good things.”

(on what he remembers from previous losing seasons) “Some guys, who are not here anymore, were like ‘Whatever.’ I wasn’t used to that. If we lost a game in Miami it was like our season was over. I’m just happy with our coaching style and who we have now. It’s changed everything.”

(on the difference in attitude from a losing season to a winning season) “I love it. You can get up and walk around with your head up. Everybody loves you in the city. You want to practice. Our goal is to get here (the Super Bowl) and we’re here.”

(on whether he ever wanted out of the 49ers) “No, I didn’t. I knew what type of guys we have in the locker room. We had the Patricks (Willis). We had the Vernons (Davis). We had the Justins (Smith). I knew we had players. We just didn’t have the right people to lead us and now we do.”

(on whether he wondered if this time would ever come) “I felt as long as we stayed together (we would make it to the Super Bowl).

(on whether there is a great responsibility playing for a franchise with a rich Super Bowl history) “No, it’s not pressure at all. We’re going to do our best as a team to win. We want to win. We just have to go out there and do what we did all year, being the 49ers.”

(on the difference in the 49ers) “We do so many things now. If it’s not with me, it’s with (Michael) Crabtree. If it’s not with Crab it’s with LaMichael (James) or Vernon (Davis) or Delanie (Walker). It’s just different.”

(on is injury history) “It’s tough. My second knee injury. I thought football wasn’t for me. My coach, we sat down and talked. He really wanted me to keep working. He wanted me to get an opportunity to play in the NFL.”

(on Aldon Smith being named the team MVP) “He deserved it. Last year he had 14 sacks. This year, everyone was questioning whether he could be an every-down linebacker, and he showed it. He is one of the best at the position. He had a great year.”

(on what it means to have depth at the running back position) “It keeps me fresh. I love it. Earlier, in my career, I probably wouldn’t like it, but now, getting ready for the fourth quarter and the defense is probably wearing down and I’m fresh; and I get going.”

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Niners favorites but early Vegas money coming in on Ravens

Posted on 22 January 2013 by WNST Staff

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv,  Twitter: @BovadaLV). The big list of props will be sent out on Thursday.


Super Bowl XLVII Odds

Baltimore Ravens           +4

San Francisco 49ers       -4


“Looking back at this NFL season, it has been very strange for the book. We might have had our best start to an NFL season ever and then Week 9 was the worst NFL week for us that I have ever seen, so Baltimore winning twice as double digit underdogs against Manning and Brady does not surprise me.  However, Baltimore cost us on the weekend and are the only big loser for the book on our Super Bowl odds. Despite the bettors being enamored with Kaepernick over his last five starts, the Ravens covering all three playoff games easily has 60% of the bettors siding with Baltimore early on in the week.”

Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager, Bovada.lv


SUPER BOWL XLVII – Odds to Win MVP?         

Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB           7/4

Joe Flacco (BAL) QB                 5/2

Ray Lewis (BAL) LB                   6/1

Frank Gore (SF) RB                   17/2

Ray Rice (BAL) RB                    12/1

Michael Crabtree (SF) WR          16/1

Anquan Boldin (BAL) WR           18/1

Torrey Smith (BAL) WR              20/1

Vernon Davis (SF) TE                 22/1

Aldon Smith (SF) LB                  25/1

Dennis Pitta (BAL) TE                33/1

Ed Reed (BAL) FS                     33/1

Randy Moss (SF) WR                40/1

Terrell Suggs (BAL) LB               50/1

LaMichael James (SF) RB          50/1

Patrick Willis (SF) LB                 66/1

NaVorro Bowman (SF) LB           66/1

Dashon Goldson (SF) FS            66/1

David Akers (SF) K                    66/1

Bernard Pierce (BAL) RB            75/1

Justin Tucker (BAL) K                75/1

Delanie Walker (SF) TE              75/1

Ted Ginn Jr. (SF) WR                 75/1

Alex Smith (SF) QB                   100/1

Field                                         22/1

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