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Peter King discusses all aspects of NFL and sports trying to get back on field during raging plague

Posted on 30 July 2020 by WNST Audio

My pal Peter King and I have drank a lot of beer and eaten a lot of baseball hot dogs over the years. He took some time this week to catch up on how the four major sports in America are trying to get back on the field. I know the picture looks funny – we took it as a prank photo during the dog days of an Indianapolis NFL Combine several years ago – but this was quite the serious chat about football, baseball, America and safety.

Oh, and we also chatted about the future of sports journalists and players and coaches and access in the era of forever Zoom.

— Nestor

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Portrait: SI
Headshot: Peter King
SI Studio/New York, NY, USA
X156705 TK1
Credit: Carlos M. Saavedra

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Peter King: Browns will trade pick if Rams take Jared Goff

Posted on 19 April 2016 by WNST Staff

Our good friend Peter King checked in with Nestor this week on WNST as we are less than two weeks away from the 2016 NFL Draft in Chicago.

This is the second year that the draft is being held later than usual in the calendar year, and count Peter King in as someone who is not a fan of the most recent change.

“It’s hard to take any more of the hype,” King said. “The teams don’t need any more time. I always think too, with the later draft, what you’re doing is you’re hurting the chances of important players for that year’s team contributing to that year’s team. Let’s say for the sake of argument that you draft a quarterback that you’re hoping can play that year. The later you draft, the less time that important player to your franchise has to develop and get ready to play. And that kind of bothers me.”

“I think teams can easily be ready in the middle of April, but pushing it into May I think really starts to effect the product on the field the following September,” King said.

Talk turned towards the top of the draft, where the Rams now hold the number one pick while the Browns hold the second pick. King believes the Rams prefer Jared Goff, which would present an interesting situation for Cleveland.

“I’ve heard that Cleveland is very very willing to get out of number two, and Cleveland is certainly not set on taking a quarterback,” King said. “I think Cleveland’s guy would be Goff, and if they can’t get him, my gut is they’re going to trade.”

To hear Nestor’s complete conversation with Peter King, listen here:

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