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Chapter 11: When childhood heroes turn into real-life villains before your very eyes

Posted on 17 August 2018 by Nestor Aparicio

(This is Part 11 of a 19 Chapter Series on how baseball and the Orioles berthed WNST.net.)

Reggie Jackson was left-handed, which I always thought was cool because I wasn’t! ALL of my Pop’s favorite guys were left-handed, so I assume mine became that way too. I just loved to watch Fred Lynn and George Brett swing the bat, kinda like he liked Ted Williams and Stan Musial.

C’mon, pick a switch hitter, any switch hitter? Eddie Murray, Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose — any of the great ones! And I bet you enjoy watching them bat left-handed more.
I dunno, one of life’s mysteries when you’re a kid.

Reggie wore those white shoes and had those big 70’s fab shades and that ‘fro, and cool poses on his baseball cards (go ahead and look at those early 70’s Topps Reggie cards and just tell me that he doesn’t look like a ballplayer). He took that long, majestic swing and he did it with ferociousness. And, when the game was on the line, when the light was shining the brightest, Reggie Jackson came up big every time. Again, and again, and again.

It wasn’t October if “Mr. October” wasn’t involved, even if it came at the expense of the Orioles. And it almost always did!

Reggie played in the postseason every year from 1971 to 1982, except for two seasons and both of them were the Orioles’ fault. He missed the playoffs in 1976 because he WAS an Oriole and he missed in 1979 because he WASN’T. And that was WAY before the wildcard crap.

From the time I was 5 until I was 10 (and I assure you that baseball was the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE during those years), he was in the World Series four out of six years. He WAS the World Series in many ways.

When I played in the Berkshire Little League, I wanted No. 9 or No. 44, just like Ahmed wanted to pay tribute to Hank Aaron in the “Bad News Bears,” I wanted to pay tribute to Reggie — worship at his temple.

I thought his number would rub off on me and I could be the Venezuelan right-handed, slow and white Reggie Jackson of my neighborhood. Maybe I’d start winning the big one instead of striking out like I did against Rich Pfaff at Eastwood!

And, once I found out that he had a Baltimore connection through Johnny’s and local baseball, I was convinced Reggie was the real-life baseball Superman.

You wanted to hate, but you just couldn’t! He was, well, in a word: GREAT, at least with the bat!

So, I liked him and wanted to be him, even if I never really became a “fan” of his in the way of collecting his baseball cards or his posters or whatever.

And my Pop just thought I was a communist for even considering buying a “Reggie” candy bar. But I did.

Lemme bust up my little fantasy meets reality story with one tale of childhood vs. adulthood reality.

I met Reggie Jackson one time. I’ve been in his presence many, especially at Yankee Stadium because they’ve been good over the last decade and he hangs around.

I was in the 33rd Street press box in 1986 and the Angels were in town (no doubt, a younger-and-more slender and handsome Peter Schmuck was within 20 feet of me) and Reggie was a late-inning entry into a tight ballgame and was facing former Angel Don Aase, who was brought in a year earlier as one of three saviors (along with Lee Lacy and Fred Lynn) who were signed to revitalize that 1983 magic.

On the whole, those seasons were the setup for 1988’s 0-21 meltdown for the Birds, but on this day Aase had his good stuff.

He had runners on, a tight situation and a classic Reggie at-bat and potential game-altering home run could be on tap. So the old girl on 33rd was buzzing on a Saturday afternoon because the game was also nationally televised on NBC. Tony Kubek and those cats were around the ballpark.

Aase threw his heat and got Reggie Jackson to pop out to shallow center on a high fastball.

In the press box that day Ted Patterson, another guy I idolized in the Baltimore media while growing up, was seated next to me and I was soaking up his knowledge

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Yankees swindle a 23 year old kid who loves baseball .....

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Yankees swindle a 23 year old kid who loves baseball …..

Posted on 11 July 2011 by WNST Interns

Indeed, we are upon that time of summer when Baltimore’s baseball fans must start looking elsewhere for compelling storylines and boxscores.  I suppose spinning the recent Orioles vs. Red Sox series into a “beanball war” might drum a little interest, but do any of us really think the birds were a formidable opponent?

Of course not …..

But, as I’ve suggested, plenty of intriguing stories did result from a mid-July weekend of baseball.

Perhaps, the most notable was the goodwill gesture emerging from Yankee Stadium.  After weeks of awaiting the historical significance of Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit, it finally happened on Saturday night.

And, as if the moment was written from fictional lore, #3000 came in the form of a homerun. 

Oh yeah, it gets even better – schmoozier and more heartwarming …..

The fan who caught the ball, Christian Lopez, quickly came to grips with the most fitting destination for the historical baseball …..

Cooperstown?  Nope.

The Lopez family keepsake collection?  Nope.

A safety deposit box?  Once again, no.

Mr. Lopez decided the baseball was destined to be personal property of Derek Jeter, because “he worked so hard for it …. The ball should be his.”

I don’t deny, nor dispute Christian Lopez’s love for the game of baseball and the purity that accompanies being a fan of the sport.  But, I do question if he made the right decision and if the process in rendering such a quick conclusion is prudent for all parties involved.

That baseball is worth a LOT of money.  Conservative estimates by notable collectable experts valued it at a minimum of $250,000 or a cool quarter of a million bucks …..

That’s serious cash, huh?

Yet, in the spontaneous passion of the moment, the 23 year old man who coincidentally donned the same hat worn by Jeter, decided to hand the keepsake over to the Yankees shortstop.



In exchange, he received tickets for the remainder of the season, along with articles of memorabilia.

Was it a fair deal?  That’s up to Christian Lopez …..

But, I’ll assert one very important consideration – it’s a deal and agreement that should’ve been discussed the following day.

Too many emotional and perhaps, personally inhibiting factors exist in the immediate moments following such a historical incident.

The fan is caught up in the massive celebration that accompanies the moment.  Such recipients are quickly sequestered from the ensuing bombardment of fellow fanatics.  That’s a good decision, because somebody will do everything in their power to steal that baseball.

I’m absolutely in support of ushering guys in the shoes of Christian Lopez away from the masses of gawkers, hawkers and stalkers …..

But, a more intriguing reason for getting the guy away from others is team officials want to “negotiate” or lean on them for a quick exchange of the ball for some trinkets and fodder.  Why not toss in a few bottles of whiskey and some beads, too?

After all, that’s the legitimacy and hoodwinking credibility that goes into such a transaction.

I’m not privy to Mr. Lopez’s financial status, although, he said he has plenty of time to make the money and he doesn’t really need it …..


How many 23 year olds (or thereabouts) do we know who couldn’t tangibly benefit from a $250,000 windfall?

Marston Hefner?  Taylor Swift?  Sam Bradford?

I look at a select group of young men who I would put into a situation just as Christian Lopez found himself on Saturday evening.  I’ll consider WNST’s Ryan Chell, Luke Jones and Glenn Clark …..

These guys love sports.  Heck, they eat, sleep and breath sports.  And, I can picture all three of them being caught up in a moment of significance at a sporting event.  Furthermore, I can reasonably picture each of them coughing up a valuable memento in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT.

They love Baltimore and the Orioles, for better or worse.

But, each of them could greatly benefit from $250, 000 …..

Better yet, $250,000 could and would impact their lives to a much greater extent than any gesture of gratitude from the Orioles or a legendary player.

Name it, buying a first house, paying off student loans or simply getting ahead in this dismal economy, each of these young men would be far better off by selling such a keepsake.  But, in the moments following their nabbing of history, I can envision them getting swindled – by a tugging of the heartstrings.

What are the chances Christian Lopez had a couple beers on Saturday evening – prior to the big moment?  I would reckon such odds are pretty good.  If so, a whole new can of worms opens up, if you get my drift …..

Let’s just call it like it is …..

The moment was a true piece of history.  That’s why Major League Baseball manufactured “special baseballs” when Jeter stood in the box for his 3000th hit.  That’s why a World Series atmosphere existed at Yankee Stadium on a muggy Saturday, in July.

The Yankees brass, like any other organization, knew the best chances of getting that baseball from the grip of Christian Lopez was RIGHT THEN and RIGHT THERE.  So, they took advantage of the circumstances.

In reality, and in legitimate surroundings, a “cool off” period should exist …..

The team should make contact with the fan and go thru the measurable steps to ensure the ball is secured.  They should even offer to put it in a safe deposit box for 24 or 48 hours.

If the fan really feels the player should have the ball, than so be it.  Will a “cool off” period change such heart driven feelings?  I wouldn’t think so.

What’s wrong with Yankees officials urging Lopez to talk with his parents?  Yeah, I know he’s an adult, but how many 23 year olds still seek the wisdom of a mother or father under such weighty situations?

Call it like it is, Saturday night’s festivities might appear to be one of those legendary fan and player symbolic exchanges.  But, the truth is the Yankees took every advantage of a 23 year old kid who loves baseball.

And, that’s wrong.

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Orioles Demoted to Double-A Bowie

Posted on 10 July 2011 by WNST Interns

On Friday, the Orioles demoted pitcher Zach Britton to Double-A Bowie. Today, the rest of the Orioles have also been demoted to Double A Bowie.

“We just think the Orioles have a few things to work on,” said President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail. “Like pitching and hitting. And also fielding.”

Sources say the Orioles were nearly sent to AAA Norfolk, but there were concerns about their ability to compete in the difficult International League South division.  “I’ll be honest.  Given the nature of the current salary structure, it’s difficult to compete against big markets like Gwinnett and Durham,” stated MacPhail.

The Orioles are disappointed in the move, but they understand that this is not necessarily a permanent demotion. “We learned a lot from our time in the bigs,” said the Orioles. “It was a wonderful experience to have spent some time with big league clubs, like the Red Sox, Yankees, and Pirates. We will definitely take what we picked up from them and continue to develop.”

Buck Showalter has announced that Vlad Guerrero will bat cleanup when the Orioles resume play against the Richmond Flying Squirrels after the Northeast Delta Dental Eastern League All-Star break.

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Why don't the Orioles have an annual Old Timer's Day?

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Why don’t the Orioles have an annual Old Timer’s Day?

Posted on 27 June 2011 by WNST Interns

So, I’m browsing thru Twitter yesterday afternoon and I encounter an abundance of tweets/remarks regarding OLD TIMERS DAY, at Yankee Stadium. This year’s event was especially poignant, because Joe Torre was making his return after a four year absence.

It’s enough to give you goose bumps, huh?

And, yeah, I get it …..

The vaunted New York Yankees have the richest and most publicized history in baseball. A collection of the most notable talents who’ve ever played the game have donned the pinstripes.

While legends such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Joe Dimaggio have been gone years – if not decades, the Yankees still have a rich heritage to celebrate. And, CELEBRATE they do …. every single summer.

We can name ’em …..

Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Reggie Jackson and Goose Gossage are included among the Hall Of Famers who make the annual pilgrimage to Old Timers Day. They’re also joined by notables, such as David Cone, Oscar Gamble, Ron Guidry, Graig Nettles, Mickey Rivers, Roy White, Chris Chambliss and many, MANY others.

50+ to be exact …..

Widows of former Yankees greats are part of the group, as well. And, rightfully so.

Indeed, the wives of Bobby Murcer, Thurman Munson, Billy Martin and Elston Howard were fitting contributors to yesterday’s ceremonies. These ladies likely feel the same pride their late-husbands had in being part of the Yankees story.

With seeing this yearly rendition of a diverse but striking family reunion by former members of the Bronx Bombers past editions, I am inspired to ask if the concept is impractical in Baltimore? And, don’t fight me with “rich history” daggers, either.

The Baltimore Orioles organization boasts a half dozen LEGENDS who have been immortalized in Cooperstown, with Orioles caps affixed upon their plaques. And, all of them are still alive !!!!

How much longer will you be able to say that?

Life is fragile; that famous ’71 four-man staff of 20 game winners possesses just a lone living member today. That’s how easy your living, breathing history can disappear.

Yet, there are so many names and personalities with distinct ties to the Orioles family. They might not be enshrined among baseball’s greatest talents. But, many of them merit a measurable tie to our collective hearts.

Tell me how special it would be to run into John Lowenstein, Lee May, Wayne Garland, Joe Nolan or Jesse Jefferson at the harbor on the night before the ceremony? How about seeing Bobby Grich, Storm Davis, Jeffrey Hammonds or Sammy Stewart around town?

There is only one way to lose one’s tie to its own tradition, and that’s to lose one’s tie to its own tradition.

Alas, the Yankees do just another thing better …..

Don’t tell me about fairness or how this particular discussion has nothing to do with the 2011 edition of the Orioles. It has EVERYTHING to do with this impressionable roster of players.

I will guarantee that Nick Swisher, CC Sabathia, Brett Gardner and Phil Hughes are moved by the traditions associated with Old Timer’s Day. Sure, they’re primarily inspired by financial security, but these guys loved baseball before they ever loved money.

Is Baltimore invested in its own history? Is there no desire carry on tradition? Is there no obligation to the Orioles past?

LEGENDS are not limited to Yankees pinstripes.

But, give ’em credit. Among the greed, selfishness and exuberant excess of money’s attachment to the modern game, the Yankees still take a day to celebrate the purity of the organization’s intersection with the men who built it.

Such a devotion has no financial value. But, it’s every bit as important as the next big free agent addition.

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50 words or less .... Monday, May 2nd

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50 words or less …. Monday, May 2nd

Posted on 02 May 2011 by WNST Interns

Well, another weekend comes to an end, but not without some very telling observations:

The Ravens are looking better …..

The Orioles are certainly playing better …..

And, Americans wake up feeling better …..


By now, the world knows Osama Bin Laden has been killed by U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan. It doesn’t take a situation such as this one to inspire words about patriotism and love of nation.

But, this operation absolutely serves as another reminder that U.S. NAVY SEALS ARE BAD ASS DUDES !!!!
A Minor Adjustment ???

If you’re down on Mike Gonzalez’s contributions to the Orioles bullpen, have a little faith, okay? The struggling reliever is changing his windup in an effort to overcome his disastrous struggles.

Gonzalez’s 13.50 ERA is about to be a figure of the past. By all accounts, it should be down to 9.00 by the All Star break.
Welcome to Baltimore, Mr. & Mr. Smith

On Saturday, the “Jimmy and Torrey Show” rolled into Owings Mills for the very first time. In a draft distinction, lets hope the newest Ravens will be tied together in a Ray Lewis/Jon Ogden, Joe Flacco/Ray Rice kinda way.

While these rookies will be on opposite sides of the ball, they share many similar characteristics in size and speed. When is the last time a pair of pure athletes were the first draft-day additions for the franchise?

Aside from all the analysis of what they can do on the field, it’s appearing Jimmy might be able to follow one of Torrey’s off-field strengths; the kid is a damn sharp dresser !!!!

I’m certain this is an obvious revelation for the diehard fantasy baseball fans. But, for the remainder of the sports loving world, have you noticed the cache’ of formidable American League sticks that continue to struggle into May’s first week?

Alex Rios – .155 avg., 1 hr
Jorge Posada – .133 avg., 6 hr
Nick Markakis – .206 avg., 2 hr
Adam Dunn – .171 avg., 3 hr
Carl Crawford – .168 avg., 1 hr
Kevin Youkilis – .218 avg., 5 hr

Time to panic? Nope. Every single one of these guys has produced and will produce, again. This is the perfect time to BUY in fantasy leagues, and if you’re a fan just enjoy some upcoming hot streaks.

I’m not a proponent of fans assaulting each other, or even getting physical in any capacity. I also believe the idiots who run on a field of play should be issued some “Mike Curtis Justice”.

Quite frankly, I don’t like spectators affecting an outcome or disturbing another’s enjoyment of a performance …..

But, to the Australians who pelted Justin Bieber with eggs at his Saturday night concert, I’d like to say “THANK YOU” !!!!
Five For Fighting

In the waning days of Spring Training, I made a bold prediction:

The AL-East could feature 5 teams with .500 or better records. I honestly believe this is a possibility, especially given the improved potential with the Orioles and Blue Jays.

As May begins, the Yankees, Rays and Orioles are at .500 or better. The Red Sox and Blue Jays are within a few games of breaking even and it’s obvious to assume both clubs will play better as the season stretches toward summer.

Remember my prediction …. I’ll chat with you, this afternoon, at 2pm !!!!

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50 words or less .... Tuesday, April 26th

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50 words or less …. Tuesday, April 26th

Posted on 26 April 2011 by WNST Interns

After resting and licking the wounds of a couple losses at the hands of the Yankees, the Orioles will recollect themselves and begin a 3 game series against the Red Sox tonight.

The Yankees’ series certainly revealed some glaring weaknesses for Buck’s offensive attack; CC Sabathia’s 28-pitch count thru 3 innings and Freddy Garcia’s 2-hitter thru 6 innings serve as fresh reminders of the problems with the lineup.

Here’s to hoping things improve over the next few nights. And, here’s your Tuesday edition of “50 Words Or Less” …..

Andino …. Out Or Safe ???

It doesn’t really matter, so long as this current edition of the Orioles lineup continues to languish and squander opportunities to score runs. They made Freddy Garcia look like Roy Halladay, yesterday.

It won’t get any easier with seeing Josh Beckett and Jon Lester over the next few games.
Shocking …..

Of course, I’m being sarcastic. Say last Friday, Ryan Chell would’ve uttered “an NFL player will be stabbed this coming weekend, who will it be?” I can honestly admit Brandon Marshall would’ve been on my short list of probable victims.

Funny …. I have never really associated “victim” with Marshall’s name. Thus, there is probably much more to the story. Stay tuned …..
A Proposal Of Sorts

Last week, a Milwaukee Brewers fan and devoted follower of Ryan Braun decided to do something unique. “Robin” made a sign proposing marriage to the Brewers star outfielder, and she attached her personal PHONE NUMBER TO IT …..

You know the rest of the story, right? Every desperate loser watching that game – and probably drinking a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee decided to call her. Robin has temporarily turned her phone off …..
Do You Feel Lucky?

Perhaps, the more burning question is can the Ravens afford to risk being UNLUCKY? Several reports have Ozzie Newsome and his staff salivating over the temptation of grabbing highly touted Colorado cornerback, Jimmy Smith.

The problem? Well, Smith has allegedly failed a series of drug tests during his college career and he has some underage drinking issues. After last year’s Sergio Kindle situation, I’m betting on a more conservative approach, but we shall see in just a few days …..
And You Thought I was Crazy

When I officially swore to give up LION TAMING for Lent, many listeners shuddered with dismay and frivolous disbelief. Well, it can get crazier …..

J. Wilson, an Iowa newspaper editor decided to give up every nutritional fuel source, except BEER for the entire period of Lent. And, he did it. That’s my hero, baby !!!! Here is the STORY
Good News On Brooks

Many of us have watched Brooks Robinson’s health situation from a distance, while holding out hope for the very best. Well, the Orioles legend appeared at a weekend autographed show and he was looking rejuvenated.

Here’s to hoping he gets stronger in the coming days and weeks.

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50 Words Or Less .... Friday, April 22nd

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50 Words Or Less …. Friday, April 22nd

Posted on 22 April 2011 by WNST Interns

Welcome to GOOD FRIDAY …. and I’m thankful its arrived. I gave up LION TAMING, SOCCER and RAP MUSIC for Lent and in just a few days I can get back to an active life with all three dynamics becoming part of my daily routine, once again.

For your Friday reading pleasure …..
The Locusts Have Arrived

Our city is hosting the scum of the baseball world; FREAKIN’ YANKEES FANS. Regardless of what Adam Jones says, I’ll never lay a hand on someone who roots for another baseball team. But, I don’t have to embrace their presence.

I await a day the Yankees getting their asses kicked on a 3 game visit to Baltimore. Hopefully, it happens this weekend …..
Whatever Happened To:

A glance at the Norfolk Tides statistics, over the first couple weeks, is not creating a stirring buzz for those who await another opportunity for Nolan Reimold. In 50 trips to the plate, his numbers are:

.200 batting average, 2 homeruns, 5 rbi, 18 STRIKEOUTS
It’s Easter & I Absolutely Love Bunnies

I’m guessing every normal dude with a slightly deviant side, such as myself (and Glenn Clark) has a favorite Playboy bunny, right? Mine has always been the ultra-sexy Jenny McCarthy.

My wife says “she is stupid.” My response is “and …..”

While teammates explore off-season opportunities in boxing and mixed martial arts forums, Terrell Suggs has been busy writing and producing his latest short film, “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things”.

The flick will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, next month. This is a cool story – here’s the LINK
Canadian Imports

Admittedly, I’m not a RUSH fan. I respect their music and they’re Hall Of Fame-caliber artists. I just don’t care for their style or content. Nothing personal …..

So, when I think of Canada, I’ll defer to Michael Buble’. Five years from now? Buble’ will be one of the most famous musicians in the world – bet on it.
Award Winning Radio

Today will mark the second consecutive Good Friday visit from my good friend, Jason Jubb. As many listeners recall, Jubb and I teamed up for the Sunday Morning Blitz, which ended its run 14 months ago.

It’s been a year since he sat in-studio with me (last Good Friday), but he’ll be here from 2-6pm, today. Yes, you can expect the UNEXPECTED …..

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50 words or less .... Thursday, April 21st

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50 words or less …. Thursday, April 21st

Posted on 21 April 2011 by WNST Interns

The birds’ bats have awakened and punished the Twins pitching staff over the past couple nights. Maybe, the sky isn’t falling after all. Ye of little faith !!!! And, just think ….. the BIG BOYS are coming to town over the next week …..

Maybe, Just Maybe

This Wieters kid is gonna be a big league hitter. After absorbing a lathering of criticisms from inside and outside Baltimore, is the Orioles prized catching prospect primed to “BUST” out in the right way?

If he does, I’m gonna remind Steven Goldman of Baseball Prospectus, every single day.

Keep An Eye Out

Starting today at around lunchtime, gawkers around the inner harbor will probably get occasional glimpses of baseball’s rockstars. My sources are telling me Derek Jeter will spend his off-day searching for Baltimore’s “fountain of youth”.

It gets better …. the Yankees obnoxious fans start rolling into town tomorrow.

Simply The Greatest, EVER

During yesterday’s AFTERNOON DRIVE, we devoted musical selections to female artists. I saved the best for last, and in my opinion there has never, EVER been a better voice than Karen Carpenter.

I’m not a huge fan of her soft melodies, it just means I can sacrifice my preferences and recognize talent.

Dodgers, Divorce & Dysfunction (BONUS – 100 word special)

Does Bud Selig have his hands full? In a word …. YES. And, his problems aren’t being caused by the poor-mouthed Marlins, Pirates and Royals. Nope, it’s much bigger …..

The Cubs can’t attract fans. The Mets have been investing with crooks. And the Dodgers have finally fallen victim to their owners’ aborted marriage. As of today, Major League Baseball is overseeing the business operations in Chavez Ravine.

I’m probably in the minority on this one, but there is a comfort in knowing the Orioles are not in financial ruin. The Dodgers could use Andy MacPhail’s fiscal discipline; yes, I said that.

Dude, Just Listen To Me …..

Have you noticed Justin Timberlake is not growing his hair very long these days? According to some notable published articles, the actor/singer is battling a thinning hairline.

It’s simple, he just needs to click on this TAB. I did it and six months later, I have never been happier.

Family First? Not According To This Guy

Perhaps, I was a little heavy handed in labeling Richie Whitt the “D-bag Of The Day” for his article regarding Colby Lewis choosing the birth of his child over pitching in a baseball game.

But, I still feel Richie is a D-bag. Decide for yourself – here’s the article.

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Less than 50 words .... Friday, April 15th

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Less than 50 words …. Friday, April 15th

Posted on 15 April 2011 by WNST Interns

Welcome to the weekend, the Orioles are in Cleveland, NASCAR hits Talladega and the Ravens are undoubtedly buried in the immense homework devoted to the upcoming draft. By the way, it’s gonna RAIN on Saturday and Sunday …..

Four & Counting

The loss streak has now hit four consecutive games. What does that mean? Those four straight wins to start the season are erased. Buck’s birds suffered a four game losing streak, once, late last season.

They’ve never lost five in a row …. yet.


No, this does not represent the final score of an NFL game. It’s the difference in runs scored between the Orioles and opponents in these four recent losses.

Translation: O’s pitchers have surrendered 7+ runs and the lineup has produced just 2+ runs, per contest. That’s losing baseball …. period.

He Saw It All

Walter Breuning walked this earth before Babe Ruth ever hit a baseball. His life encompassed inventions, including the automobile, airplane, television and computer. He witnessed World War I and II. And, he outlived nearly all his family.

Mr. Breuning died yesterday, at 114 years. A helluva ride? No doubt …..

A Little Much

As a police officer, I observed numerous situations that dictated too much presence following a major incident. That’s exactly what happened last night, in L.A.

Hundreds of police were assigned to Dodger Stadium, in response to the horrific assault on Bryan Stow. Will the same presence be evident in July? Nope.

Gimme Some David Lee Roth

Well, you can add Sammy Hagar’s name to the pile of performers who’ve butchered the Star Spangled Banner. It happened last Saturday, prior to the Giants’ ring ceremony, in San Francisco.

For your listening pleasure, click HERE

Easy Pickins’ ???

The Orioles spend their weekend on the shores of Lake Erie, while looking to exploit a bad Indians team. I don’t care about current records …. the tribe is freakin’ awful. They’ll have a Top-5 pick in next year’s draft.

If the Orioles don’t win the series, it’s time to reconsider the optimism …..

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< 50 words .... Thursday, April 14th

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< 50 words …. Thursday, April 14th

Posted on 14 April 2011 by WNST Interns

Calling Brian Matusz. Calling Brian Matusz. Am I panicking? No …. but last night’s version of Chris Tillman is going to be a far more likely effort than the gem he threw against the Rays, nearly two weeks ago.

Here’s to hoping Jake Arrieta has a better evening …..

Do You Recall This Photo ???

Go back just two years; the above cast of characters were touted as the FUTURE OF THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES. A couple of them most certainly will be contributors for this organization, but the others represent the great “unknown” when it comes to pitching.

2 of 6 make it? That’s accurate ….

I’m Calling It …. BUST

Cam Newton is being heralded as the premier talent and likely top pick in the upcoming NFL draft. I would never, EVER use a prime selection on a player with ties to poor character. Where there’s smoke …..

Ink ‘Em Up

I love women with tattoos. Does this make me unique or do I have plenty of company? “Tats” have become much more mainstream over the past decade. Heck, when I was a kid body ink was pretty much limited to military, bikers and rockstars.

And, I also dig trainwrecks …..

Don’t Look Now

Less than 25% into the NASCAR season, an unfamiliar face is ranking among the leaders in the standings. Seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr. among names like Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards is as surprising as noticing the Orioles atop the AL EAST.

In both situations, it’s early. And both are aberrations …..

Orioles Head Shots

Have you noticed Robert Andino’s official head shot used for telecasts and ballpark interactive boards? Who would take such a photo and think it’s a professional product? I realize this has nothing to do with WINNING baseball games. But, it’s pretty amateurish …..

Convicted Or Cleared ???

The trial of Barry Bonds has ended. In the end, everyone wins and loses …..

Prosecutors nabbed a conviction and Bonds likely escapes incarceration. He’s a little poorer, given his legal expenses. But, he can still count Greg Anderson among his most loyal friends. Too bad Anderson doesn’t have a HOF vote.

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