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How a beautiful cat named Kitty came into our lives and rescued us with eternal love

Posted on 26 September 2017 by Nestor Aparicio

Five years ago she gazed into my eyes through her pair of shining, beautiful, emerald green windows to her soul and my life would never be the same.

From the moment I laid eyes on her and touched her furry little white belly, all I ever wanted to do was protect her and love her and rescue her from the abandonment where we found her in a cage waiting for a home and someone to love.

I didn’t want a cat.

Let me make that very clear from the outset. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a fact.

Some of you might not like cats or understand cats or have ever had a cat but I sincerely hope that you’ve felt the power of the love of an animal once in your life. Our story is about a transcendent little girl that we rescued from Baltimore Humane in 2012 but who, in the end, rescued us and taught me more about unconditional love than any other experience in my nearly half a century on this planet.

We lost our beloved Kitty while we were with the Ravens in Europe on our WNST.net trip. Her sudden and completely unexpected death on Thursday has shaken us to the core.

My wife is distraught over her death. She would tell you that I am doing far worse.

I am unspeakably shaken, more so than when I lost my mother back on August 15th. We prepared and knew for years that my Mom would be leaving us soon. Somehow, we never, ever considered losing Kitty.

I’m experiencing a sense of profound loss and sadness that I would’ve thought impossible when we adopted a cat known only as “Bree” back on April 16, 2012. It’s been an incredibly awful month for me – a time of sadness and sorrow and loss that I’ll never want to remember but know that I’ll never forget.

If you would’ve told me that my wife’s relentless desire for an animal over the first decade of our marriage would lead me to this emotional black hole of emptiness and incredible appreciation for her precious and wonderful life, I would’ve never believed you.

My wife always wanted a cat for us. Honestly, I never understood that emotional grip even though I had a cat named Poe back in the early 1990s long before the Ravens existed. He was a Balinese, peaceful blue-eyed beauty who I adored but loved only in the finite way a 20-something man could love a creature that didn’t have curves, perfume and human characteristics.

Jenn and I were married in the summer of 2003 and I was allergic to her cat, Spencer. Two months into our marriage, she gave her cat to a veterinarian here in Baltimore and Spencer lived a fine life but I realize now that I never truly understood her relationship or her emotional parting with her

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Orioles, Nats and MASN Money for Dummies: A complete primer on how Peter Angelos has lied and pocketed your dough

Posted on 03 January 2016 by Nestor Aparicio

“What you can expect, though, that those that comment – putting aside the fellow you mentioned (Nestor Aparicio), who you know is not even worthy of getting into that (chuckles), it really makes no sense to respond to him – the responsible people, who know baseball and who are baseball fans – the writers like you (Stan Charles) – if they want to criticize, they better look at the economics. They owe it to the public to explain to whoever is interested that the problem is disparity in revenues. Now, I have heard some of them mention that this MASN development might really generate some real funds, which would permit the Orioles to spend more money. That’s a pretty strong acknowledgment that the key to all this, to get off the losing years and so on, is more money invested on the field. And obviously, with that becoming available, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to do that because we are hometown and we are sensitive to what the public is thinking. I know a lot of Baltimore fans, and, just personally, I want them to feel like I am responding to their wishes.”

Peter G. Angelos, May 2006

(as told to PressBox via Q&A)

PETER G. ANGELOS DOESN’T WANT YOU to know about the billions of dollars he has collected, dispensed and quietly usurped from local sports fans from six states via your cable television bill. It’s time for someone who is “responsible” to do the math on where all of that money has gone over the last 10 years as the Orioles, and its spinoff cable TV partner the Mid Atlantic Sports Network (MASN), have become a virtual annuity for the owner here in Baltimore.

Clearly, given the dozen years that he’s fought with his Major League Baseball partners, Bud Selig, Rob Manfred and now Ted Lerner and the Washington Nationals over this incredible sum of “found” money, surely there must some large pot of gold somewhere? The Washington Post wrote that it was $298 million in dispute from 2011 to 2015 after the New York Supreme Court hearing in early November. But that’s just the tip of the financial iceberg – a small number compared to all of the money that’s been flushed through MASN since it was berthed as a olive branch to Angelos by then-commissioner Bud Selig for allowing baseball back into the nation’s capital in 2005.

Over the last decade, I’ve been portrayed as a liar or a heretic by Peter G. Angelos and his media partners. After 21 years with a Baltimore Orioles media credential, my access was taken away by the club in 2007.

However, my track record still stands as unblemished heading into 2016.

I always tell the truth and write the truth. (That’s why you’re here.)

As you’ll see, I’ve put in all of the work for you – a little “term paper” for you oldtimers who spent time with microfiche in a lonely library – so you can learn about this history and realities of how the Nationals came into existence and what it’s meant for Baltimore and Washington baseball and the fans.

This series of facts is presented with two educational goals:

  • Track everything that was said – and very openly in the “mainstream” media – a decade ago when Angelos began this power struggle for the future money of Washington, D.C. and what he considered his market
  • Document everything that has happened since he began this trail of lies in search of all of the money that was designed and originally earmarked to improve the Baltimore Orioles

Everything presented in this series will be linked to major media entities like Forbes, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, ESPN/Grantland, Sports Illustrated, USA Today and various reports with financial annotations. I’ve always been accountable in my work. Meanwhile, accountability is always completely absent from the mind and spirit of Angelos and his …

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