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The Peter Principles (Ch. 9) – Albert was not the Belle of Baltimore

Posted on 04 July 2018 by Nestor Aparicio

(Author note: This is Chapter 9 of my book “The Peter Principles,” which I was working to finish in March 2014 when my wife was diagnosed with leukemia the first time. I will be releasing the entire book for free online this summer – chapter by chapter. These are the true chronicles of the history of Peter G. Angelos and his ownership of the Baltimore Orioles. If you enjoy the journey, please share the links with a friend who loves the team.)


9. He was not the Belle of Baltimore


“We know [the media’s] intentions are good, but we can’t let you substitute your judgment for ours. We don’t think you know it all. We think there are times when you’re wrong just like we know there are times when we’re wrong. I tell you what: You can trust in our judgment. It’s pretty good. We’ve gotten this far. We’re going to go even further. Just be a little patient, I think you’ll be delighted with the results.”

Peter G. Angelos

  October 1999



IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG FOR the Orioles and new general manager Frank Wren to feel some foreboding bumps en route to the 1999 season-long collapse. First, Albert Belle was thrust into the situation ­– signed, sealed and delivered totally at the whim of owner Peter G. Angelos. This complicated matters for literally everyone on the team, including manager Ray Miller who was told to figure out how to manage an unmanageable personality. Then, during the first week of spring training, newly signed second baseman Delino DeShields suffered an injury.

Then, the losing began almost immediately in April.

It wasn’t anything specific for the 1999 Orioles – it was everything. But it all started with poor pitching and the ominous tone that surrounded every move of the team’s new poster boy: No. 88 in your scorecard program and No. 1 with his middle finger, Albert Belle.

The Orioles still had a vibrant national hero in Cal Ripken, and stalwart mostly quiet All Stars like Mike Mussina, Brady Anderson and Scott Erickson, but it was Belle who set the tone and who made the news seemingly every week for some infraction or some social behavior that was less than exemplary. But Wren had been around baseball and knew to expect this from Belle. Miller knew the day of Belle’s signing that there’d be a change in the demeanor of his locker room, which wasn’t particularly stellar to begin with in 1998 after the noisy and disruptive departure of Davey Johnson the previous fall. But Peter Angelos believed that a MLB player making $13 million per year would be better behaved and easier to control because of the investment ownership made in him.

Once again, it showed that Angelos didn’t know much about people and he certainly didn’t know much about Albert Belle or the egos of baseball players.

It didn’t take long after signing Belle on Dec. 1, 1998 for the saga and drama to begin.

On Christmas Eve, as a goodwill gesture to his new city and attempting to play

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Blast crush Lancers to finish weekend sweep

Posted on 23 February 2014 by WNST Staff


The Baltimore Blast chalked up another win today against the Rochester Lancers. At the final blow of the whistle, the score of the match was 22-5, improving the Blast’s record to 16-3.

The game remained scoreless until Mike Lookingland scored a 3-pointer assisted by Drew Yates at 10:20. Lucas Roque, unassisted, followed suit with another two-point goal for the Blast at 14:19 that closed the quarter out at 5-0.

The Blast found the first points of the second quarter from a free kick. Marco Mangione scored off an assist by Mike Lookingland to make the score 7-0 at 3:10. At 9:05 Roque fed Lucio Gonzaga outside of the three-point arc, scoring three more points for the Blast on a power play. J.T. Noone of the Blast scored the last 2 points of the half from an assist by Levi Houapeu at 14:21. Leaving the field for halftime, the Blast were up by an impressive 12-0.

Both teams came out for the second half in full gear. At 1:31, Baltimore’s Adriano Dos Santos received a pass from Pat Healey and drilled the ball past the Lancer’s keeper, increasing their lead to 14-0. The Lancers finally answered Baltimore’s onslaught of points with a quick, unassisted three-point goal by Mauricio Salles at 3:32. The Blast then scored a quick succession of goals, as Adriano Dos Santos scored two-point at 10:06 and Roque; assisted by Yates, score two more points at 10:22, putting the Blast up 18-3. Baltimore kept up the momentum with Levi Houapeu scoring another fast two points from an assist by Donatelli at 11:40. The third quarter ended with the Blast ahead 20-3

The first score of the fourth quarter came from the Blast’s Tony Donatelli, assisted by Lucas Roque, extending their lead to 22-3. Rochester put up the final points of the game with Elliot Fauske scoring a two-point goal off an assist by Joseph Tavernese, 14:46 into the game. The end score had the Blast ahead 22-5.

Lucas Roque led the Blast offensively with six points while Adriano Dos Santos and Mike Lookingland also added 4 points each. Defense played an excellent game this afternoon only allowing 5 points and Troy Hernandez recorded 13 saves.
Next Sunday, the Blast heads to Pennsylvania to take on the Roar in their last regular game of the season. Baltimore looks to improve their record against Pennsylvania before heading into the playoffs.


Upcoming Games

3/2 Baltimore @ Pennsylvania, 4:05pm EST



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Blast post blowout win to claim weekend sweep

Posted on 26 January 2014 by WNST Staff


The Blast took on the Rochester Lancers on Saturday night after a 10-5 win against Syracuse the night before. The Blast defeated the Lancers 17-2 Baltimore ended their double-header weekend undefeated and improved to a 10-3 record.


The beginning of the first quarter started off slow until the final 5 minutes of play. Lucas Roque got the Blast on the board first at 10:07 into the quarter off an assist by Pat Healey. A minute later the Blast got their second goal of the night when Marco Mangione assisted Adriano Dos Santos. At the end of the first quarter the Blast led the Lancers 4-0.


In the second quarter, the Blast kept the ball in the offensive end and scored the third goal of the night with 5:44 left on the clock. Pat Healey picked up the momentum when he assisted Mangione on his first goal of the night.  That was Healey’s fourth assist of the weekend and second of the night. At the end of the first half, the Blast was ahead of the Lancers 6-0.


Tony Donatelli scored his 11th goal of the season 4 minutes into the second half off an assist from Stephen DeRoux. Less than 30 seconds later, Mike Lookingland assisted Mike Deasel for the Blast’s 5th goal of the night. At 9:05 on the clock, Stephen Basso got the Lancers on the board off an assist from Joseph Tavernese.  Two minutes later, Aduato Neto scored off an assist from Stephen DeRoux; his second assist of the night. With 1:12 left in the third quarter, Adriano Dos Santos scored off an assist by Lucio Gonzaga. At the end of the third quarter the Blast was ahead of the Lancers 14-2.


Two minutes into the fourth quarter, Aduato Neto scored a 3-point goal in a power play off an assist from Lookingland. This was Neto’s second goal and Lookingland’s second assist of the night.


The Blast dominated the offensive end this evening; multiple players had several goals and assists. Aduato Neto led offensively with five points; he had one 3-point goal and one two point. Dos Santos had two goals while Healey, DeRoux, and Lookingland all had two assists each.  William Vanzela played an excellent game in the goal and posted 12 saves. The Blast went undefeated this weekend and improved their regular season record, 10-3.


                       1      2     3    4    F

Blast            4      2      8    3    17

Lancers      0      0      2    0    2

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Blast improve to 12-2 with win over Lancers

Posted on 06 January 2013 by WNST Staff

The Blast defeated the Rochester Lancers, 15-5, Saturday night for their eighth straight home win of the season, improving to 12-2.   Leading scorer Machel Millwood led the way with two goals as the Blast set a franchise record for most home wins to open the season.

Rochester’s Mauricio Salles scored a three-point restart goal late in the first quarter to give the Lancers a 3-0 lead before J.T. Noone struck twice in four minutes to put the Blast on top, 4-3.  Former Blast player Rey Martinez scored next to put the Lancers back on top, 5-4, but Blast rookie Lucas Roque scored late in the first half to make it 6-5 at halftime.  Roque also scored two goals in Friday’s 23-12 win over the Lancers and two goals in Tuesday’s victory in Rochester.

Millwood scored his first goal of the night, the only goal of the third quarter, to extend the Blast lead to 8-5.  His second goal, a three-pointer, came on the power play midway through the final quarter. Tony Donatelli and Lucio Gonzaga added late goals to seal the 15-5 victory.

The Blast are on a 17-game regular-season home winning streak.

Upcoming Games
Friday, January 11 at Chicago Soul
Saturday, January 12 at Milwaukee Wave

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Ferdinand hat trick helps Blast past Lancers

Posted on 04 January 2013 by WNST Staff

Max Ferdinand recorded a hat trick Friday night to lead the Blast to a 23-12 victory over the visiting Rochester Lancers.  The Blast, 11-2, will host the Lancers again Saturday night for the third game between the teams in the first five days of 2013.

Ferdinand opened the scoring in the fifth minute of play to give the Blast an early 2-0 lead before Rochester’s Mauricio Salles tied the game and Jeremy Ortiz gave the Lancers a 4-2 lead late in the quarter.

Blast team captain Mike Lookingland scored early in the second quarter to tie the game at 4-4 and Ferdinand’s second goal put the Blast back on top, 6-4.  Rookie Lucas Roque, who scored two goals in Tuesday’s 17-4 win over the Lancers, added a goal to increase the the Blast lead to 8-4 at halftime.

The Lancers came out fast in the second half, scoring two quick goals to tie the games at 8-8. Elliot Fauske scored in the third minute to cut the Blast lead to 8-6 and Salles recorded his second goal of the game a minute later to tie it up. Roque’s second goal of the game kicked off a four-goal run for the Blast to end the quarter with a 17-8 lead.  Machel Millwood, the team’s leading scorer, knocked in two goals in the last five minutes and Lucio Gonzaga added a long-range three pointer.

“We had to dig deep to come back and win this game,” said Millwood of the team’s third-quarter scoring frenzy.

The teams traded goals in the final quarter with Alan McGreal scoring first for the Lancers to cut the Blast lead to 17-10.  Ferdinand completed his hat trick in the ninth minute (19-10) before former Blast player Rey Martinez cut the score to 19-12. Ptah Myers scored next and Adauto Neto ended the game with a shootout goal to make it 23-12.


  • The Blast have started the 2012-13 season with seven straight home wins, trying the team record set by the 1993-94 then-Baltimore Spirit; a win tomorrow would break the record
  • Seven different Blast players scored in the win
  • The Blast are on a 16-game regular-season home win streak

Upcoming Games
Saturday, January 5 vs. Rochester Lancers
Friday, January 11 at Chicago Soul
Saturday, January 12 at Milwaukee Wave

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