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bob condotta

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Bob Condotta on the release of Cary Williams

Posted on 08 December 2015 by WNST Audio

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mike ferreri

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Mike Ferreri weighs in on all things Seattle Seahawks

Posted on 08 December 2015 by WNST Audio

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paul silvi

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Paul Silvi talks the red hot Seattle Seahawks

Posted on 08 December 2015 by WNST Audio

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Dennis Koulatsos previews Ravens-Seahawks Week 14 matchup

Posted on 08 December 2015 by WNST Audio









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Looking at who’s going to win the NFL Conference Championships

Posted on 16 January 2015 by Dennis Koulatsos

The NFL’s version of the final four is upon us, and the Seattle Seahawks are poised to defend their crown and repeat as champions. In the NFC, Russell Wilson is going after his second Super Bowl ring, as well as Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. In the AFC matchup, Tom Brady has a chance to climb the Mt. Rushmore of 4 time Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, joining Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. Andrew Luck leads the upstart Indianapolis Colts, as the only quarterback in the tournament who is attempting to win his first Lombardi Trophy.

Ever since the Patriots caught fire after their dismal performance against the Kansas City Chiefs in front of a national football audience, I’ve been predicting a Patriots – Seahawks finale. I still believe that after this Sunday’s games are over, those are still the two teams that will be left standing.

I expect the Patriots to activate Jonas Gray, and come out running against the Indianapolis Colts. Gray rushed for over 200 yards in Lucas Oil stadium, and with the addition of LeGarrette Blount, I expect more of the same this Sunday. Bill Belichick is a master of situational football, and just like he abandoned the run in the Patriots’ win over the Baltimore Ravens in the prior week, he will once again adapt his personnel to match his opponent.

On the other side of the ball, I do not believe that the Colts can go up to New England without a running game, and get away with it. They will go only as far as Andrew Luck will take them, and Belichick will take away what Luck does best, he will commit more players to defend the pass, and dare the Colts to run on his defense.

The Seattle Seahawks look to be a team on a mission. They are peaking at the right time, and their defense is the difference maker. They  have solid corners, unbelieveable safeties, active linebackers, and a defensive line that at times is dominant. They have a mercurial quarterback in Wilson, arguably the best running back in the NFL in Lynch, and they don’t beat themselves. They are also the most complete team in the playoffs.

The Green Bay Packers have come this far with sheer grit and determination, and on the arm of Aaron Rodgers. His calf injury has hindered his play, but on one leg he is still better than most NFL QBs on two legs. The key to the Packers having a chance is to unleash stout running back Eddie Lacy, but I do not see his offensive line opening up holes for him. He’ll have to make his own, and although he is capable of just that, I don’t believe it is going to be enough.


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Curtis Crabtree discusses all things Seattle Seahawks

Posted on 26 November 2014 by WNST Staff

Curtis Crabtree from KJR in Seattle joined Nestor to preview a huge NFC West game on Thanksgiving night when San Francisco hosts the Seahawks. Both teams sit at 7-4 and 2 games behind the Arizona Cardinals. A loss for either team would be a major blow to any chance of winning the NFC West. LISTEN HERE.

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An Easter Sweet 16 of treats that were better than candy in the basket

Posted on 14 April 2014 by Nestor Aparicio

This one will be worthy of some bar room arguments this week but I was entrusted with identifying the 16 greatest games in Baltimore sports history. Passion. Drama. Great finishes. Memorable action on the field of play.

I wrote down a list of 30 great games and seeded them based on the significance of the outcome and the level of activity in the games and came up with a WNST.net Sweet 16 lost full of memories but not all them had happy endings.

Hey, a great game is a great game. All of these left me feeling like I got my monies worth.

Feel free to feedback below or via Twitter, Facebook or email (nasty@wnst.net).


16. Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens (Dec. 8, 2013)

It will take some more time to know how distance treats this recent classic, but it’s hard to top the only snow game in the franchise’s history going back and forth with five touchdowns in the final 2:05 of a 29-26 win for the Ravens over the Vikings. “Will we ever see another game like that again?” head coach John Harbaugh said. The answer to that is probably “no.”








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Russell Wilson Super Bowl

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B&B Big Story Banter

Posted on 07 February 2014 by WNST Staff

By: Brett Dickinson and Barry Kamen

Make sure you get our thoughts and reactions to the biggest headline of the week, every Friday, with B&B Big Story Banter Listen to us discuss this topic each Saturday morning on the Brett & Barry Show from 9am-12pm…

BK: So Brett, if memory serves correctly, you had the Broncos winning the Super Bowl this past Sunday. What a TURRIBLE pick! What impressed you the most about the Seahawks putting up 43 points, and dismantling the Broncos?

Russell Wilson Super BowlBD: (Side Note: As I lost our Super Bowl bet, I will answer all Rapid Fire questions on Saturday 02/08 impersonating Charles Barkley).

I tell you what Burry, anyone who picked the Broncos is just knucklehead. Seriously though, I was impressed with the defensive game plan more than anything.  They had a strong understanding on Manning’s tendencies.  They had a great focus to shut down crossing routes, with pick patterns and the quick screens.

Seattle basically dared the Broncos to push the ball down the field and Manning was hesitant to do so all game.  They rarely lined up in two deep formations, stacking the box and the middle of the field.  Add in the large and fast athletes the Seahawks defense had on the outside and you get an ass-kicking like no one has seen, since the early 90’s, in the Super Bowl.

With all that, nobody really knew to anoint as Super Bowl MVP. What player really stood out for you Barry and deserved the honors?

BK: In a game that was so one-sided, it was truly team effort on the Seahawks part. On offense, it was Russell Wilson’s ability to convert 3rd downs, and WRs Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse exposing the Broncos’ inability to tackle, all while playing turnover-free football. The mantra “defense wins championships”, was never more true than on Sunday, when the entire unit rocked Peyton Manning and never allowed them to get in the game.

Percy Harvin Super BowlMalcolm Smith was a worthy selection for Super Bowl MVP, but my vote would have gone to Percy Harvin (Harvin Super Bowl Highlights). Last year, when the Ravens made their run to the Super Bowl, one could make a case that Jacoby Jones should have been named Super Bowl MVP after their victory over the San Francisco 49ers. I make a similar argument for Percy Harvin; he showed his big-play ability on Seattle’s first drive on a run that almost put the Seahawks up 9-0 less than 3 minutes into the game, and he added another nail to the Bronco coffin with his 87-yard kickoff return touchdown to open the second half. Harvin was supposed to be the focal point of the Seahawks’ offense this season, and injuries forced him to miss almost the entire season, including the playoffs.

The fact that Harvin was healthy and firing on all cylinders made his performance the most eye-opening and impressive for me. It is frightening to think what might have been, had Harvin been healthy for a full 16 games.

Forget the odds from Las Vegas: the Seahawks are the CLEAR favorite to win Super Bowl 49, right?

BD: As of right now you would have to think so. They are one of the youngest teams in the NFL and do not have to give their QB a big money contract yet, hindering them from re-signing players this offseason.

Super BowlBut they will have to make some tough decisions on a lot of players still, preparing for their cap two years down the road. Which contracts are deemed expendable? Could they depart with Golden Tate, now that they hope to have Harvin back next year.  Could they let some of their DB’s go, knowing that guys like Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas will take a nice piece of the pie.  Do they give Malcolm Smith (my pick for Super Bowl MVP as well) a hefty pay raise for his postseason performance?

History is not on the Seahawks side either; the last Super Bowl champion to win a playoff game in the following season was the New England Patriots in 2004 (when they repeated).  Its tough to keep up the level of intensity after reaching the mountain top. And even tougher to keep the team together after everyone looking for a check  after putting the title Super Bowl champion next to their name.

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