Edsall says Terps prepared for Old Dominion to move ball via air

September 03, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening Statement:

“We’ve got Old Dominion coming in this week and have a tremendous challenge ahead of us. Their quarterback is an outstanding quarterback – the Walter Payton Award winner from a year ago.  He’s very, very good. He threw for 5,000 yards and 44 touchdowns a year ago. He’s very impressive. They return four of five starters on the offensive line. Three of four receivers return so our defense is going to have a tremendous challenge ahead of them. Defensively, they are a team that is very aggressive and very athletic and they are going to put pressure on you and make you earn your way down the field. We need to have a great week of preparation and we have plenty of things to work on and get better.”


On if the team gets extra motivation from the number of upsets last weekend:

“I know our players. They’ve watched scores, and they’ve seen the things that have happened. You know, we tell them all the time that it’s all up to us. I mean we’re good enough to beat anybody on our schedule, but if we’re not doing the things we’re supposed to, and preparing properly, then anybody on our schedule can beat us. Some great examples are this weekend. There might have been four or five teams, FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) teams, which have beaten the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). Old Dominion is a team that’s transitioning to FBS and Conference USA, and is playing four FBS teams or five – Idaho, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, ECU, and ourselves. But all you have to do is just put them on film, and watch them play, and our guys have had respect for them, as they’ve watched them already on tape. We have tremendous amount of respect for them, and we got to get a lot better at things in order to try and improve. And that’s our goal, to improve from week one to week two.”


On defensive preparation heading into Saturday:

“Well, I think the biggest thing is when you take a look at ODU, they throw the ball. They throw the ball around, all over the place. It spreads out. Its four wides (wide receivers) and they work to try to get the receivers in space and get them the ball. And the quarterback is very athletic. He is very elusive. He can extend plays. You know what we got to be able to do, is we got to put together the game plan, and execute the game plan. And if we do that then you know we’ll give ourselves the opportunity. Again for us we just have to continue to get better. There are a lot of things that we did well, this past Saturday, but there are a lot of things that we can get better at. And again our whole objective is that we got one game down, we got one to go. And now what we’ve got to do is put everything together into this game, prepare, go out, and play the way we’re capable of playing.”


On quarterback C.J. Brown:

“I thought C.J. just handled himself really, really well. But you know, he executed the offense, and made the throws that we needed to have made. And again, there are things that he’ll get better at in terms of the read-zone and in terms of those looks because again sometimes people can get a little bit different look in terms of how they play, how we might’ve practiced it, and what we thought they were going to do based information that’s just from film. But you know we didn’t have any film of them actually doing it because of their staff and everything else, but I thought his poise was good. I thought his accuracy was outstanding. I thought that he didn’t hesitate. He just went out there and just played. I thought that was pretty impressive. But like I said, I just really liked how he handled himself and how he just went out there and played with the confidence that you want your leader to play with.”


On grading the defensive backs from Saturday:

“They played well overall. I thought Isaac [Goins] got himself into a little bit of trouble just because of some technique issues on that one long pass, but again we were able to show him on film and I told him when he came off the field what I thought he did wrong, and that’s what happened on the film. But that’s something he’ll correct and he’ll do better.  But I was pleased with how they played. I thought the safeties did a good job when Sean [Davis] had to go out because of some cramps. A.J. [Hendy] came in and did a good job. I thought Will [Likely] went in and was very active, and tackled well. So again, overall I thought they did a good job. They’re going to be tested more this week than what they did last week.”


On wide receiver Deon Long’s play:

“I wouldn’t say he exceeded my expectations. I thought that watching him on film from Iowa Western and then watching him this spring, you could see that he was a very talented wide receiver. Watching him go out on Saturday and then watching the film, no that didn’t surprise me. That’s kind of what we expect out of him. Again, we think that he can be even better than what he was on Saturday.”



On linebacker Marcus Whitfield:

“I was very pleased for Marcus because Marcus was, when I first got here, he was kind of a little shy guy, didn’t talk a whole a lot. But now you just see this kid that’s emerging into a young man and has developed a lot more confidence in himself and he handles himself with a lot more confidence. I’m just very, very pleased with how he’s developed and how he’s come a long. Again, these are things that we expected out of Marcus, and I think the other thing that’s helped Marcus is he’s being pushed by Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil. One of the things we can do is rotate those guys a little bit to keep them fresh. Marcus is a guy that we like and we know that he can make plays and that’s what he did. He went out and made some plays on Saturday within the confines of his responsibilities that he has.”