Harbaugh holding Yanda out until season opener

August 17, 2019 | WNST Staff


Head Coach John Harbaugh transcript

Opening Statement: “Good seeing everybody; I appreciate you being here. It’s very hot. It was a very tough practice, in terms of focus and guys coming off the game. They did a good job of getting themselves out there and getting the work in and focusing at the end. We had good assignments, good tempo and good competition, so that was good. We had a good practice for that reason.”

What were some things that jumped out at you about RB Mark Ingram II’s style of play that made you want to bring him in here? “He is a downhill runner and a very quick lateral cutter. He runs behind his pads well. He doesn’t have a lot of catches, but his ability in the passing game was really a pleasant plus for us. So, all of those things. I heard great things about him as a leader. All of those things.”

You mentioned on Thursday night that you thought CB/RS Cyrus Jones looked good against the Packers. When you looked at the tape, what did you like? Where do you see room for improvement? “There is room for improvement everywhere. We’re always chasing DB perfection – coverage, tackling, leverage, blitzing. Those are the things you look at on every play that you try to improve upon. He can tell you those things that he’s working on, but he played hard. He played smart, generally, and he did a good job. We have a lot of guys. It will be a little bit [of a] different plan if Tavon [Young] is not there, in terms of playing more guys in the slot than we would have. We’ll see how that plays out.”

G/T Jermaine Eluemunor played about 90 percent of the snaps on Thursday. Do you feel like he made good progress? It looked like he was playing well early in the game. “Yes, he played well. He did. There were some plays we would like to have back. [He needs to] continue to play lower with a little more explosiveness and all of that, and he knows that. But I thought he was on-point with assignments, targets, footwork. His pass protection was really good, both at guard and tackle. And we wanted him to play a lot. There were a couple of other young guys that played a lot. Young guys need to play. It’s the only way to learn how to play, especially on the O-line. You have to learn how to handle those things in real life, and that was good for him and some other guys.”

Is CB Tavon Young’s status the same as it was on Thursday, or has it changed? “It’s still a decision that has to be made. That’s between the doctors and Tavon and his family and his agent, stuff like that. Ultimately, it’s the player’s decision about how he wants to handle the injury. I’m sure he’s getting some opinions. That’s what guys do. Certainly, Tavon wants to play. That’s for sure. So, we’ll just see what happens.”

The top three inside linebackers were missing from the portion of practice that we saw today. We know about Chris Board. Are either of the other two longer-range concerns? “No, not to my knowledge. I don’t think so. I don’t expect them to be out very long.”

I don’t think we’ll talk to you before you go to Philadelphia. When [Eagles head coach] Doug Pederson was a quarterback there, did you get a sense that he was a guy who would be a head coach one day? “That was early. That was, like, my second year as a special teams coach in the NFL, so I was just kind of worried about that more than predicting who was going to be a head coach in the NFL. I don’t think you ever know. Andy [Reid] brought him in for a reason. And the reason was, he was sharp. He was a leader, and he knew how Andy wanted to do things because he had been in Green Bay with Mike Holmgren, and he knew the philosophy. He was big that way. He was really good for Donovan McNabb. He was a great mentor for Donovan and taught him a lot of football. I’m sure Donovan would say that. One of the great stories … They’ll probably ask me there because they’ll remember it. Andy’s first game … It may have been the second game, but it was the first home game. It might have been the Cardinals. Doug was the holder, and Norm Johnson was the kicker. We worked on ‘bonsai’ field goal so many times, in terms of running everybody out during the clock and running and kicking the field goal. Right before the half, it came up. So, we’re screaming, ‘Bonsai! Bonsai!” And I’m looking at the line. I see Doug, and he’s back there. The line is set up perfectly. I’m like, ‘Yes! We got it, and there’s plenty of time left.’ Then, I notice, out of my left eye, there’s no kicker. I look out, and here comes Norm, running off the bench, putting his helmet on, strapping up. He ran out, and the ball was snapped, because Doug is smart. He snapped it at one second. And [Johnson] kicked it right on the run.” (Reporter: “Did he make it?”) “Wide left. (laughter) I ran to the locker room. Andy ran behind me. I outran him, but he caught me in the locker room and wanted to know what happened. That’s quite a memory. You never forget those things.”

At this point, is the plan to just get G Marshal Yanda ready for Week 1? “Yes, he will not play [in Philadelphia]. He probably could go there and practice and play, but I kind of ruled it out, to be honest with you. He agreed, finally. Marshal just wants to go. We’ll get him ready for the opener, and he’ll be ready to go.”

Do you expect WR Marquise Brown to participate in joint practices in Philadelphia? If so, will that be a good test to see if he will be ready to play in that preseason game? “Yes, it would [be]. He practiced fully today, so that’s a good sign. We will just have to see how [his foot] responds, and hopefully, he can go there and be good.”

Do you see QB Lamar Jackson playing for more than a quarter in the next two preseason games? “No, we don’t do it that way. That’s a good question. A lot of teams do a lot more in the third game, but we kind of balance it out into three games.”