Maryland QB Brown prepared for “big test” against ODU

September 03, 2013 | WNST Staff

Quarterback C.J. Brown

On the parity of FCS and FBS games during opening weekend:

“Every game you need to go into it like anybody can win. You need to go play your heart out every play and every game. We are not going to take this game lightly. They are a great team and they had an excellent season last year. They played well last week against a good ECU (East Carolina) team so they are going to come in here and try to knock us off their list and we are not taking it lightly. We are going out every day and preparing at practice.”

Thoughts on starting the season on a high note:

“Especially to come out in the first game after everything we’ve been through and just go out and execute. That was the biggest thing. We had a great offseason through the winter and the summer and even fall camp and to get the results we got as a team was really exciting.”

Thoughts on his performance against FIU:

“I was pleased with my performance. There were some reads that I need to make better. We had a couple miscommunications and just awareness of the clock and things like that. But it’s one game. We went out and played well and did what we had to do to win. We have a big test coming up this week.”

Tight End Dave Stinebaugh

On quarterback C.J. Brown’s performance against FIU:

“He definitely puts in the work off the field. I’m not surprised to see him come out and play the way he did. I’m just excited that he came out after such a dramatic way to end his season last year and put on a show.  He looked good.”

On Old Dominion:

“They are a tough team. We watched some game film. They work hard and they run hard so it’s going to be a tough challenge. We are looking forward to it.”

On the offensive plan for ODU:

“Same thing we did this past weekend. We need to compete and we need to finish. It wasn’t a perfect game last weekend and we need to build off of that, fine tune some things and I think we should be alright. All we can do is control what we can control. We are going to run the ball, throw the ball and show some balance and try to be efficient in what we do.”

Linebacker Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil

On Old Dominion’s offense:

“Their offense is going to try to spread us out. They have a great quarterback, great o-line, great receivers, so we’re just going to have to bring our A-game. Everybody’s going to have to stay busy. We’re just going to have to play pass defense. That’s basically rely on what we do best and that’s rushing the passer, getting pressure on their quarterback and forcing them to make tough decisions.”

On the team getting confidence after Saturday’s win:

“It was definitely important. Confidence is a big thing when it comes to football. I feel like us winning this first game and having a lot of freshmen play, that boosts their confidence too. When they come in the game, their confidence is up, so they can get the job done too.”

On how he feels the defense played Saturday:

“We were very proud. We did our jobs. The only points they had, we gave up as a defense. We’re going to correct that in film. Typical first game stuff and we have to correct stuff like that. Very proud of our defense and how we played. I think we played lights out and we have the capability to do the same thing against Old Dominion.”

Wide Receiver Nigel King

On blocking more than receiving this past weekend:

“I know the time will come. We have possibly [13] more games. It’s just the first game and that’s the least of my worries right now. I just tried to focus on my blocking. That’s one of my biggest things I want to work on. I was just happy Deon [Long] and Stefon [Diggs] could do what they do and live up to all the hype they were coming in to coming into the season. It was fine with me as long as we won.”

On getting the first game under their belts:

“I feel like we worked really hard throughout this camp. It was good to get out there against someone different. We were just going against our guys for the spring, the summer and then fall camp. Now we actually know what potential we have.”