Maryland safety Antwaine Richardson tears ACL, likely lost for 2019

April 09, 2019 | WNST Staff

Maryland head coach Michael Locksley met with reporters following Tuesday’s spring practice

On Tuesday’s practice:
“Practice number seven today, I think the defensive side of the ball is starting to display some leadership. That’s the thing as coaches that we want to see obviously, as to which guys step up from a leadership standpoint. I really felt like the defense put up back-to-back practices of good energy, good effort and I see that side of the ball really trying to play with the energy and effort and displaying the leadership that we want to see. I think the offensive side of the ball, we have to find some leaders. We have to find some guys within that side of the ball to step up. For us we often say that leadership is having the ability to affect others in a positive manner and a positive way. Today on the offensive side, I think we were really sloppy and I am starting to see quite a few mental errors. Which for us, I can deal with not knowing what to do, but when you make the same mistakes over and over and over. I think that’s kind of where we were on offense today so we have to get that corrected.”

On the loss of DB Antwaine Richardson:
“He’s a guy that’s played a lot of football for us. As a starter last season, he played quite a bit. The biggest thing for us is that he’s a guy that has shown the ability to motivate and effect others in a positive manner. That part of it for us is probably what we miss the most. Obviously with injuries they are apart of the game. We have to see some other guys step up into that leadership role as well as be able to fill in. We talked about moving [Jordan] Mosley over to the free safety position. I think you’ll see him playing there a little bit which opens up opportunities for some of the younger guys in the strong safety position.”

On Jeshaun Jones:
“As you get into practice seven and you’re six installs deep, a lot of things are starting to run together for these guys. As I said today wasn’t a good day on the offensive side of the ball for anybody and I think Jeshaun is a lot like most of the guys on that side of the ball. There’s a lot of information that has been thrown at them and we want to see these guys put the extra time in and put the extra work in to be able to go out and execute the things that we install in meetings. I think Jeshaun has a lot of talent…He is a guy that you would expect that because he has displayed the ability to be a playmaker for us on that side of the ball because of his performance in previous games. We expect and hope that he can be that type of player for us in our system.”

On the pace of installing the new system:
“I think we’re right on track with the install. As far as coaches putting it in. I think with the offensive side of the ball, the lack of execution of the install of the system is the thing for me that is worrisome. We have to figure it out, these guys have to put the extra time in. Am I overly concerned? No, because usually this time of the year the defense should be ahead of the offense, because they do less things and then with each practice we try to add another situation. Today for us was the first time we installed our two minute offense and their was a lot of good learning out there for how to manage the time in that situation with the quarterbacks, the receivers. There’s somethings that we can take off of film and teach from. I think we are right on track with it as far as our coaches putting it in, but I think we still have some work to do with our players knowing what to do and putting in the extra time to be able to take it from the meeting room to practice.”