NFL week 2 predictions

September 14, 2016 | Dennis Koulatsos

Week one’s picks are in the books, and let the record reflect that I picked 7 winners against 6 losers, which equates to a less than stellar 54% – no wonder I never bet on anything.  Hoping to fare much better this week (perhaps I should blindfold myself and throw darts at a board with all of the team’s names on it) here is the way that I see the games going down.  As a reminder, winning teams will be in bold:

Jets @ Bills: Both teams are coming off of a short week and the Jets will have to travel (not too far), and as much as Rex Ryan would like to beat his former team, I do think the Jets are the better team.  This is a critical game for both franchises as the loser will drop to 0-2.

Saints @ Giants: The Saints put up lots of points in the Super Dome but have to travel to the Meadowlands to face the New York Football Giants, who are coming off of a decent showing.  The Giants defense looks improved and I don’t know who’s going to cover Odell Beckham Jr., so I see the men in blue winning this one.

Cowboys @ Redskins: One game does not a season make, and I see Danny’s team bouncing back against Jerruh’s team.  Oh, I’m not through hating – there’s more.  Every time I see Jason Garrett “coaching” on the sidelines, I kneel and pray that he didn’t take the Baltimore job.  I’d take John Harbaugh over him every day of the week…..and twice on Sundays (of course:)

Niners @ Panthers: The team from the far left coast will be up against the varsity this week, and the varsity will be in a very bad mood. Look for Cam Newton and company to bounce back against a team that’s feeling better than it should right now.

Bucs @ Cards: The Big Red lost a Sunday night heartbreaker, as the Bucs and Jameis Winston rolled passed Matty Meltin’ Ice and the hapless Falcons.  Me thinks Carson Palmer and company will right the ship in a tightly contested match.

Hawks @ Rams: I don’t know how much longer Jeff Fisher can keep his job but I’m fairly certain that Seattle will add to his career loss total. Sure the Rams beat them twice last year – but that was last year.

Phins @ Pats: I don’t care that the Phins gave the Hawks all they could handle last week.  They are a poor organization and they are going up against one of the best organizations in all of sports, Deflate Gate and all.  I also like Jimmy Garoppolo a heck of a lot better than Ryan Tannehill.

Titans @ Lions: The Lions surprised me last week and over space and time they’ve been much better at home than on the road.  I like them in this one. Just this one though.

Bengals @ Steelers: Ohhhhhh Nelly!  This one is must see TV! Steelers are off to a strong start, they’re at home, Tomlin is a better coach than Lewis, and it goes on and on. Worth keeping an eye on this game to see if there is any leftover residual drama from last year’s playoff debacle.

Chiefs @ Texans: I’ll take Houston and their defense in this one. Chiefs are coming off of a huge comeback win, and it will be interesting to see if they can get up for this game after that emotional victory against a divisional foe.

Colts @ Broncos: I wish this game between two of my all-time least favorite teams ends in a tie, but it’s hard to pick against the horses that are at home. I like Chuck Pagano, and his team needs to start winning or he’ll be looking for a job soon.  But the winning won’t start this week, and the Colts will be 0-2 after this one.

Falcons @ Raiders: This is (or it should be) one of the easiest picks of the week.  These are two franchises heading in opposite directions. I like the men in silver and black big in this one.

Jags @ Chargers: Phillip Rivers at home is hard to beat, and Jax has a long way to travel.  I think the Jags are vastly improved, but can’t picture them winning this one.

Packers @ Vikings: I’d like the Vikings’ chances a whole lot better with Teddy Bridgewater under center, but since he’s not going to be there, I can’t see them taking down what’s a very good Green Bay team in this Sunday night matchup.

Eagles @ Bears: I already like the Eagles’ rookie QB Carson Wentz more than I’ll ever like Jay Cutler. Da Bears are poised to lose on national television Monday night.

Ravens @ Browns: As long as the Ravens run the ball 55% of the time up in Cleveland, they should come home 2-0.  If they get pass happy and Joe Flacco throws more than 40 times, I think there will be some turnovers in there and the Ravens will lose.