Nunes obliterates Rousey in 48 seconds

December 31, 2016 | Dennis Koulatsos

Oh the hype, the anticipation of UFC 207.  A fight card that featured the champ in Amanda Nunes against the golden girl challenger Ronda Rousey. On my radio show this past Thursday I correctly predicted that Nunes would win by technical knockout in the first round.  I didn’t think it would be in under a minute’s time, but nevertheless Ronda Rousey could not get out of the round.

I had based my theory on three things. One, she was using the same training team that had let her down before and during her loss to Holly Holm.  She got destroyed in the first round of that fight and her corner was telling her between rounds that she was doing great.  It was clear she had gotten pummeled.  They should have told her to run away using her jab until she got her feet under her, and then she should have tried to take Holm to the ground, as that was her only chance to win.

Two, Amanda Nunes is a notoriously fast starter, and then she starts to fade. Ronda is also a fast starter, but it would have been a whole lot better for her to run away from Nunes in the first round by using her jab, and then maybe in the second round try to take her to the ground and submit her. To go straight at Nunes would have been career suicide, and it was. She not only went after her, she stood straight up and down like a statue. She didn’t change levels, had no head movement, and she just got crushed. You never chase and run into a puncher/striker the way she did.

Three, she had suffered a severe knockout at the hands of Hollie Holm. That was still in her head.  She should have taken a fight with a lesser opponent to get her head right and to sharpen up her boxing skills, versus taking on the dangerous and hard hitting Nunes.

Her corner heavily contributed to her loss. Even Rousey’s mother told her they were lousy before her loss to Holmes, and had advised her at the time to get different trainers. Her mother was a 1984 Olympic gold medal winning judoka, and knew a little bit about what she was talking about.

Rousey will retire from the UFC, but she still has a bright career ahead of her in the WWE as well as in the movie industry. She will be fine. She also got paid $3 million dollars (Nunes earned $100k + another $100k fight bonus – insert joke here, right)?

It’s just a shame that her MMA career will end this way, with two devastating technical knockout losses. It’s a shame because she does have some talent. There’s not doubt that a better corner and training team would have given her a much better shot at winning. But she’s a good looking charismatic athlete, and she will be fine. She definitely has a chance to become an action movie star much like Duane “The Rock” Johnson.