Ravens-Steelers game transcript….and more

October 02, 2017 | Dennis Koulatsos

Below you will find the play-by-play transcript in what was a pretty sound beating of the Baltimore Ravens at the hands of their hated rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Ravens got beat in all three phases of the game – offense, defense and special teams.

The offensive line was horrible, giving QB Joe Flacco almost no time to throw.  Flacco took blame for not playing well in his post game presser, as he threw an interception in the 10th game in a row.  He looked scared to me throughout the game, as Steelers defensive ends Stephon Tuitt and Cameron Heyward time and again applied pressure.

Flacco oftentimes threw the ball into tight windows, including a beautiful touchdown pass to Mike Wallace, who was well covered by two Steelers defensive backs.  But that’s part of the problem with Flacco.  When he gets hot he thinks he can put the ball anywhere, and that results into deflected passes and interceptions.  His amazing arm strength gets negated by his carelessness at times.

Steelers LB Ryan Shazier displayed amazing quickness and made plays all over the field.  He had a drive killing interception that all but ended the Ravens hopes for any chance of a comeback.  He also caused a fumble, and deflected a pass that was intercepted by DB Mike Hilton. The Steelers defense – with the exception of a couple of long runs by Ravens RB Alex Collins – pretty much had their way containing the Ravens offense.

Speaking of Collins, he finished with 9 carries for 82 yards.  Once again he put the ball on the ground, and was called out for it by coach John Harbaugh at his post game press conference.  I don’t know that coach has much of a choice but to keep giving Collins the ball.  His vision and explosiveness are traits that the other Ravens running backs lack, and for all intent and purposes Collins is the offense right now.  Keep giving him the ball.

The Ravens defense looked anything but “special” as they did in their victories against the Browns and Bengals.  The couldn’t stop Le’Veon Bell and James Conner, as they ran the counter trey to perfection all day long behind G David DeCastro, C Maurkice Pouncey and 260 pound FB Roosevelt Nix.

The Ravens DBs didn’t fare much better, as they didn’t make enough plays to get the Steelers off of the field on third down.  Lardarius Webb really struggled, as he couldn’t cover Steelers rookie WR JuJu Smith-Schuster.

The team looked flat for the second week in a row, and now gets to travel to the left coach to play the Oakland Raiders.  QB Derek Carr left the Denver game with back spasms, and at this time his status and availability for the Ravens game remains unknown.  Given their performances the past two weeks, there’s nothing to indicate that the Ravens will be able to beat the Raiders, regardless of who’s under center for them.

Here are yesterday’s game notes and transcript:

1st Ravens offensive series

  • Alex Collins explosive first carry for 23 yards; huge hole left side
  • Nice 3rd down conversion on a nice Buck Allen run up the middle
  • Flacco awful on 3rd down; forces ball to a well covered Jeremy Maclin; never went through his progressions
1st Pitt offensive series, start at their 2
  • Carl Davis one nice stop on Le’Veon Bell, but Pitt moving the chains
  • Good pressure and off of the edge, Webbie sacks Big Ben
  • On 2 and 18th James Conner gets first down; huge hole on left side
  • Good play calling by Haley; TE screen with another 1st down; Pitt moving the ball; Ravens on heels; 10th play of drive by Pitt
  • Now down to Ravens 30 yard line; shovel pass (2nd one) to Bell for another 15 yard big gain
  • BIg boy drive here by the Steelers
  • Bell with another huge gain off of RT; Pouncy pulled with a nice block; 16 yard gain; 8 minute drive so far
  • Nice stop by Onwasor on Conner; Bell out of the game; arm motionless right now; right hand
  • Steelers RT jumps and draws flag; offsides; 2 and 17
  • Bell back in for short gain
  • DeCastro called for holding; 10 yard penalty moves Pitt back; 3rd and 25
  • 13 yard pass to AB; FG attempt coming up; 10:23 minute drive by Steelers
  • Steelers up 3-0 with :22 left in Q1; 16 play 84 yard drive, longest in NFL this season

2nd Ravens offensive series

  • Alex Collins returns kick to 24 – why is he returning kicks???
  • Nice 6 yd gain by West on a fine block by Boyle; West also shook off a nice tackle
  • 3rd & 2, empty backfield, Flacco throws to Maclin in double coverage – incomplete; 3 and out
  • Flacco absolutely horrible thus far; looks hurried and scared; also looks like he’s determined where to throw the ball – pre snap – regardless of coverage or way defense looks
2nd Steelers offensive series
  • Pitt takes over on it’s own 30; AB fakes Tony Jefferson out of his shoes; illegal block in the back by Pouncey; Onwasor absolutely blew up AB; got the crowd back into it; 2nd and 18
  • Bell gets 4 of it back on a draw
  • Big Ben to AB on  slant; 3rd and 4
  • No one open; good coverage by Ravens D; Ben threw it away; AB was WIDE OPEN: Ben simply missed him; didn’t see it; he would have walked into the endzone; AB visibly upset on the sideline, knocked over a Gatoraide cooler
  • Ravens Alex Collins called for holding; half the distance to the goal line
3rd Ravens offensive series
  • Flacco slightly underthrows Mike Wallace who dropped the ball; would have been a 35 yard completion
  • Short completion by Flacco to Campanero, brings up 3rd and 4
  • Flacco in shotgun formation, snap is low and to the left and he drops it; picks it back up and gets sacked
  • Ravens get delay of game.  On a punt.  Ravens looking awful.  3 and out in 2 out of their first 3 series
  • Another whistle; it came from the stands; replay 4th down; pretty ridiculous
3rd Steelers offensive series
  • Ben overthrows a well double covered AB
  • Bell runs through a Marlon Humprey arm tackle for 7, brings up a 3rd and 3
  • Willie Henry was off-sides and gives Steelers a first down; Ravens D had a chance to get off of the field and didn’t
  • Henry knocks down a first down pass by Big Ben
  • On 2nd and 10 Bell gets 3 and a half yards, brought down by Suggs among others
  • 3rd and 7 from Ravens 31; Big Ben with all kinds of time; JuJu Smith-Schuster beats Webbie for 19 yards
  • 1st and 10 from the 12; Mosley slams Bell to the turf behind the line of scrimmage; flags down
  • Tomlin pointing to his brain on the sideline; telling players to use their heads; personal foul on Villanueva; Correa head butted him; second guy got caught
  • Bryant and Jefferson got legs tangled up; ball overthrown; no flags
  • 3 and 29 for Steelers
  • Too high for Hunter, good coverage by Brandon Carr; FG attempt coming up
  • 49 yarder good, as Marlon Humprey was off-side; don’t know how he didn’t block that; would have only been a 5 yard penalty; perhaps Pitt kicker would have missed from 44; we’ll never know
4th Ravens offensive series
  • Collins returns kick with reckless abandon
  • Then he gets 6 yards off left tackle on 1st down
  • Gets 5 more on on second down for a 1st
  • Collins fumbles; that’s not going to work for Harbaugh – or any other coach for that matter; had 4 carries for 33 yards to that point; Shazier caused the fumble and Hayward recovered
4th Steelers offensive series
  • Steelers take over on the 28 yard line
  • Big Ben with all kinds of time; TE McDonald dropped the ball; his fault all the way, hit him right between the numbers
  • Flags fly; false start on DeCastro; 5 penalties for 45 yards so far for the Steelers
  • Clean pocket for Ben; completion to James; flag on Jimmy Smith for holding, declined by the Steelers
  • Steelers in business with 5:35 to go in the half from the Ravens 15
  • Bell stacked up by Mosley among others; power run formation all the way; 16-9 minutes time of possession advantage for Steelers; Ravens call time out
  • Conner with good blocking in front of him gets 8 yards off of right tackle
  • Delayed draw to Bell on 3rd and 2 and he takes it inside the one
  • Bell wouldn’t be denied and scores; Ravens down 13 nothing; listless offense about to take the field
5th Ravens offensive series
  • Campanero brings it out to the 22; wonder if Collins found his way in Harbs’ doghouse
  • Quick pass to Maclin and another one to Watson on 2nd down; Watson shaken up on the play; 3rd and 2 coming up; good news is Watson jogs to the sideline
  • West stopped in the backfield; loss of 3 brings up another 3 and out for the Ravens; 4 out of 5 drives so far have been 3 and outs; in fact it’s been the last 4
  • Watson heads to the locker room
5th Steelers offensive series
  • Bell slips in the backfield and still gets up for a 6 yard gain
  • Suggs takes down Bell at the line of scrimmage; flag for illegal block in the back by JuJy Smith-Schuster
  • Bell slips out of the backfield and gains 18 yards; wow, how can you not put a spy on him
  • Bryant gets 5 yards on a quick out, covered by Carr
  • 1:32 left in the half on 2nd and 5
  • Mosley takes down Bell for a short loss; timeout by Pitt here
  • Back to back passes to Bryant for 1st downs, :50 seconds left in the half
  • Big Ben throws it away on 1st
  • Big Ben with all day to throw; Steelers o-line is stellar; no pressure whatsoever from Ravens D
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster with the TD
  • 2-point conversion to AB fails; about the only thing Steelers have done wrong in 1st half; that and penalties
6th Ravens offensive series
  • Nice return by Campanero as he brings the ball out to the 40
  • 5 yd pass to Maclin on 1st across the middle; timeout
  • 1st down pass to Buck Allen; no time outs left for Ravens; Flacco spikes the ball with 6 seconds to go
  • Tucker warming up; you know he wants to try one from here; ball at the 50
  • Well executed pass to Perriman at the left sideline
  • Tucker staring at a 62 yard FG
  • He had the distance but it was wide right
  • Joe Haden returns it and there’s a flag down; illegal block in the back; by rule the half is over
  • Ravens down 19-0, Steelers to receive 2nd half kick off
  • Steelers held ball nearly for 20 minutes vs 10 for the Ravens
6th Steelers offensive series
  • Dan Fouts just pointed out that in the last game and a half, the Ravens have been outscored 63-7
  • Short kick to the 1 yard line well covered by the Ravens, particularly Chuck Clark; nice tackle at the 16 yard line
  • Two TE power formation results in a 1 yard gain by Bell
  • Michael Pierce brings down Bell after a 3 yard gain, brings up 3rd and 6
  • Ravens diagnosed 3rd down play, incomplete pass to AB; ball was picked off by Weddle but Brown was down
  • Harbaugh throws down red challenge flag
  • How about that? Ref said ball never hit the ground; Ravens ball!
7th Ravens offensive series
  • Flacco either slightly overthrows Perriman or Perriman should have caught that.  He was wide open near the goal line
  • 2nd down pass is incomplete as Shazier rocks Wallace across the middle
  • Flacco is sacked to a chorus of boos from Ravens fans; Maclin wide open at the 5
  • 42 yard field goal by Tucker is good
7th Steelers offensive series
  • Ravens kick it to the 1 yd line; obvious they want the Steelers to return it, so they can jar it loose
  • Pitt brings it out to the 20
  • 6 yards off of RT for Bell
  • Looked like the same play, following DeCastro, Pouncy and Hubbard; Weddle bounces off of him, first down at the 44
  • A little trickery on the end around to DHB, didn’t fool Ravens, 3 yard gain
  • Bell bounces to the outside on an inside run design, for another first down at Ravens 46
  • Bell gets stacked up on first down, no gain
  • Ben throws it up for grabs to a triple covered AB; AB should have caught it as it hit him in the hands
  • On 3rd & 10 Ben hits a wide open JuJu Smith-Schuster for a first down
  • Bell picks up 2 yards on first down to the Ravens 26
  • Onwasor catches James Conner from behind for a 4 yard loss
  • 3rd and 8 coming up; Bell run to the right well defended by Ravens as he only gains a yard
  • 44 yard attempt by Boswell is no good; he pushed it!
8th Ravens offensive series
  • Alex Collins rips off a huge 50 yard gain off of right tackle on 1st down
  • Crowd back into it again
  • Pass to Wallace out of bounds
  • Flacco threads the needle to Mike Wallace between 2 defensive backs for the TD; we have a game now
  • Ravens going for 2, looking to cut the deficit to 8 points; I think it’s too early for the point conversion, but it works; hey, what do I know; Ravens get 2 on a carry by West
  • 2 point conversion has been overturned; officials ruled West’s elbow was short of the goal line; huge call, as the deficit goes from 8 to 10 points
8th Steelers offensive series
  • Mosley with a hard tackle, drops Bell after a gain of one at the 26
  • Ben with completion to Hunter short of the 1st; roughing the passes penalty as Za’Darius Smith hit Ben in the head with his hand; 1st down Pitt
  • Carl Davis with good penetration forces Bell to the outside where he is dropped by Jefferson and Smith
  • Huge rush by the Ravens – Smith in particular – forces Ben to throw it away down the right sideline
  • Great coverage by Brandon Carr on that play
  • Hubbard with the false start on the 3rd down, Pitt needs 18 yards for a 1st down
  • 7 yard completion to James, Steelers to punt
9th Ravens offensive series
  • Ravens will take over on their 22
  • Flacco sacked on first down by Hayward
  • Flacco completes pass to Ben Watson in a tight window on 2 and 16, sets up a 3rd down and 6
  • Flacco heating up, throws a strike to Mike Wallace between 2 DBs
  • Tough 1 yard run by Collins
  • Flacco hits Wallace again for another first down
  • Flacco doesn’t like what he’s seeing from the defense, burns time out here near midfield with 8 seconds to go in 3rd quarter
  • Steelers bring max blitz and stop West 2 yards deep in Ravens backfield
  • Ball bounces off of Collins’ hands on a 2nd and 13 pass play from Flacco
  • Bud Dupree levels Flacco with the Steelers 4th sack of the day
  • Bad news for the Ravens, Ronnie Stanley is down; got his leg rolled on but walking off of the field
9th Steelers offensive series
  • Bell with a tough 2 yard run pushes the ball to the 16
  • Fail safe pass to Bell for a 4 yard gain, taken down by Mosley and Onwasor
  • Huge rush by the Ravens with another batted ball by Wille Henry, his second of the game
10th Ravens offensive series
  • Campanero drops the ball, recovers it and pushes it forward; flags down, holding call on #36 of the Ravens, 10 yard penalty
  • Flacco to Maclin for 11 yards, ball at the 33
  • Flacco under duress by Tuitt and Hayward throws incomplete
  • Collins for a short gain on 2nd down
  • Flacco muscles one in to Watson; he pinned that ball against his leg; phenomenal catch
  • Ball intended for Watson picked off by Shazier
  • 10th straight game in a row that Flacco has thrown an interception
10th Steelers offensive series
  • Bowser and Weddle bring down Bell after a 34 yard gain
  • Short gain by Bell on 2nd down
  • Pressure by Tim Williams of Ravens results in overthrow of Bryant by Bell
11th Ravens offensive series
  • Buck Allen with 3 yards on a first down carry
  • Pass to Nick Boyle puts the ball at the 31 yard line
  • Outlet pass to Wallace for 5 yards, brings up 2nd and 5
  • Ravens in hurry up offense, pass to Allen for a 1st down at 43
  • 6 yard completion to Watson at Steelers 49
  • 2nd and 2, Flacco completes pass to Allen for 4 yards and a 1st down
  • Clock under 7 minutes
  • Steelers blitz on 1st down forces Flacco to throw it away instead of completing screen pass; Collins had blockers in front of him
  • Flag on the play as Collins carries to the 42; holding call on RT Howard backs up the Ravens 10 yards
  • Completion to Maclin brings up 3rd and 12
  • Flacco under duress causes incomplete pass to Maclin; looked like DB got there early, no flag
  • Ravens going for it on 4th and 12
  • Flacco pass deflected by Shazier and picked off by Mike Hilton
11th Steelers offensive series
  • Bell off left tackle for a gain of 7
  • Bell again with DeCastro and the fullback leading takes the all all the way down to the Ravens 21
  • Bell with a 5 yard carry on 1st down, now has 132 yards on 27 carries
  • Bell with a 1 yard loss brings up 3rd and 4
  • Same play with DeCastro and Nix leading Bell picks up a first down
  • Pittsburgh offensive line has put on a clinic today, for sure
  • Suggs was offside as pass to AB went to 1 yard line
  • Bell scores easily right off of right tackle; Mosley a bit late getting to him
12th Ravens offensive series
  • Touchback will give Ravens ball at their 25
  • Flacco underneath to Boyle for 6 yards
  • Allen with the 1st down catch at the 2 minute mark
  • Flacco completes short pass to Campanero
  • Perriman drops ball after hard shot by Shazier
  • Ravens convert on short pass by Flacco to Boyle
  • Flacco deep ball overthrown and out of bounds to the double covered Perriman
  • 1 catch for 6 yards for Perriman today
  • Buck Allen splits defenders and gets first down; :58 seconds to go in the game
  • Flacco completes 1st down pass to Chris Matthews, who goes out of bounds
  • Short pass complete to Boyle again
  • Quick outlet pass to Allen s he goes out of bounds short of the 1st down mark with :42 left to play
  • Campanero with the catch and a nice run takes the ball out of bounds at the 11 yard line; Dupree was off sides, penalty declined
  • Back foot throw by Flacco finds Boyle and Flacco spikes it with :13 left
  • Flacco’s pass intended for Campanero tipped away
  • Flacco’s pass to Matthews broken up, and that will do it